‘Coronavirus Explained’: An Overview on What’s Happening

Narrated by J.K. Simmons, the popular Netflix documentary series goes over the current Coronavirus Pandemic, with two more episodes planned later this Summer.

 If you haven’t checked out the Netflix series ‘Explained’, it’s a documentary series produced by Vox Media that explains interesting and popular topics in today’s society. Everything from how artificial intelligence and the human mind works, to different intimate practices and understanding human sexuality.

Debuting today on Netflix, in a rushed two-and-a-half-week production, the team at ‘Explained’ expedited this latest episode dedicated to understanding Covid-19. They did so while working remotely from home.

Previous footage used in this episode had been taken from interviews on a previous episode meant to be dedicated toward ‘The Next Pandemic’ without realizing an actual one would happen to be here. The development team at ‘Explained’ then sought to rush this episode out in order to get the facts across for those seeking to understand what has been happening.

Most of this episode is original content pulled from day-to-day news footage, research, and updates about the outbreak. The team also had animators and archivists working around the clock to produce this episode and called in actor, J.K. Simmons to narrate over a voice recorder sent to his home.

The series explains the nature is of zoonotic viruses, asymptomatic disease spreading, and what the coronavirus family is, including SARS, MERS, and even certain types of the common cold.

It then comparatively measures some of the worst infectious diseases in human history. Things like Smallpox, Ebola, and the Influenza of 1918: all scaled on a measure of contagiousness and deadliness, and where SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) stands in comparison.

But not all is grim. Though the documentary stresses the need for more viral research for the sake of humanity’s overall preparedness, as well as stresses the importance of quarantine/social distancing implementation measures, it does take note that when it comes to technology, science, and coordination: people are more prepared than ever before.


The Take

Overall, an informative short with a glimmer of hope. I’ll be looking forward to watching the later two episodes in the series: one that will be dedicated to coping in isolation, and a second episode covering where we are in terms of Vaccine Development.


You can Watch ‘Coronvavirus, Explained’ on Netflix Right Now

Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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