Collectors Anonymous: ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’

Hey everybody. My name is Rob… and I’m a collector. Every payday (*see steal money from my wife’s wallet) I blow “my” money on collectibles and collector editions. It’s a serious problem. That’s where Collectors Anonymous comes in. It’s a place where collectors can be open and honest, without being judged. Well, actually it’s just me doing unboxings with a sick melodramatic intro sequence…but ummmm… so you don’t have to!?

This meeting I’m taking a look at the Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition. When you’re done take a look at Jen’s review on the game itself.


About Roberto Valentin Jr.

Roberto Valentin Jr.
Roberto Valentin spends his days as an attorney, father, and husband. His nights are spent saving the world on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. Sometimes he writes a review or makes a dumb video for The Workprint, but mostly he just hosts the Workprint Gamescast. Honestly, he only has this position because he went to college with the Editor-in-Chief.You can follow him on Twitter: @SunnyVice20

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