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Clarke is Being Hunted by Everyone in the First ‘The 100’ Season 3 Promo

The first promo for The 100 is here and one thing is clear, it’s not easy being Clarke Griffen. After flooding Mount Weather with radiation and killing its denizens in order to save her people, it appears she’s now being hunted… by everyone.

The first promo for season three of The 100 aired during Arrow’s midseason finale gave us our first details from the upcoming season.

Here’s what we learned:

The 100

  • Clarke seems to have taken shelter with someone who asks her what she did at the mountain (aka Mount Weather). Clarke responds, “I did what I had to do, that’s all.”The 100
  • There is a field of Grounders walking across the field. To a battle? In search of Clarke? Hard to say just yet.The 100
  • Bellamy seeks Indra’s help about Clarke who tells her she is being hunted by everyone. What did Clarke do to piss off all the Grounders?The 100
  • There is a Jeep! Vehicles seem to return to the planet’s surface. I wonder what they are using for fuel.bellamy the 100
  • A quick montage of events show that tensions are still at a high between the Grounders and the Sky People.

The new season looks just as action packed as we all are hoping it would be! January can’t come fast enough!

The 100 returns for Season 3 on Thursday, January 21, 2016,

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