Check Out This Sneak Peak of Avengers #1 Both Interiors Plus 5 Variant Covers

All of the featured variants covers for Jed MacKay and C.F. Villa's 60th-anniversary run on the Avengers are available May 17th.

In the latest from Marvel comics, the company has finally revealed all of its soon-to-release variants for The Avengers 60th anniversary run this May. Written by Jed MacKay and drawn by breakout Marvel’s Stormbreaker artist C.F. Villa, these highly acclaimed covers had been slowly revealed all throughout last week, featuring cover art from Stuart Immonen, Daniel Acuña, Kael Ngu, Derrick Chew, John Tyler Christopher, and Paul Smith.

In this new run of the Avengers, the team will be playing out their story having knowledge of the upcoming tribulation events, which are a series of grand-scale disasters that will disrupt the entirety of the known universe.

The story has already been set up in last month’s Timeless, where Kang the Conquerer began his hunt for the unobtainable “Missing Moment.” How the Avengers plan to stop Kang, and whether or not they’re just pawns in some grander scheme (as time has proven again and again in these sorts of Avengers stories where time/reality manipulating beings are in play), will be a grander reveal.

“For me it’s about a question of scale – the bulk of my work has been on the scrappy, weirdo, street-level end where a guy with a mask and some goons is a major problem,” MacKay explained to in an exclusive interview. “With Avengers, we’re looking at not one, but seven people who work at a much larger scale than Black Cat, Taskmaster or Moon Knight do, and in a much bigger and louder way than Doctor Strange and Clea. So, going into Avengers, I’ve been restructuring how I look at a comic book- the stakes are higher, the threats are bigger, and the heroes are Earth’s Mightiest.”

Atop of this, the company has released a first look at the interior pages of this upcoming Avengers relaunch which you can see below. These pages feature Captain Marvel, Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, and Vision assembling against classic Avengers foe Terminus.


the avengers #1 60th anniversary art cover
AVENGERS #1 Written by JED MACKAY Art by C.F. VILLA Colors by FEDERICO BLEE Cover by STUART IMMONEN. On Sale 5/17
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