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G.O.D.S. debuts this October 5th

Marvel has gone full-blown hype mode for Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti’s upcoming G.O.D.S. #1. An original launch featuring a brand new cast of God-level-powered individuals, the series is rumored to be Marvel’s attempts at copying Sandman. Set where opposing sides, respectively known as THE-POWERS-THAT-BE and THE-NATURAL-ORDER-OF-THINGS, act and operate on orders of Marvel’s pantheon of cosmic beings; the Beyond-Godlike figures in the Marvel universe such as Eternity, Infinity, and the Living Tribunal. 

The series is written by beloved writer, Jonathan Hickman who’s known for his critically acclaimed relaunch of the X-Men in Dawn of X which saw the creation of Krakoa and the project which made mutants… well, Gods, showcasing Hickman’s experience to tackle this project.

Set at a crossroads between science of magic, G.O.D.S. has had its characters slowly introduced throughout the summer in bonus pages in select titles thus far. Intended to showcase a groundbreaking story beyond the battles of good versus evil, G.O.D.S. is by all intentions, meant to tie into the grander machinations of the overall Marvel Universe. Where characters try and uphold the blocks of creation while also tying in easter eggs and unique revelations about the things we thought we knew about Marvel’s universe.

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Preview Pages of G.O.D.S.

“When I came back to Marvel a few years ago, I wrote two series bibles. The first was HOUSE OF X and the other one was G.O.D.S.,” Hickman explained in a Marvel press release. “To say that I’m excited to finally be able to share this story with everyone is a massive understatement. G.O.D.S. takes place in its own special corner of the Marvel Universe — in the cracks that lie at the intersection of science and magic — and revisits some characters and concepts that we’ve reimagined for a more modern, continuity-driven audience.”

Atop of this, Marvel has unveiled several covers including spotlights on a new character called Aiko dawn by Peach Momoko and Ejikure, a dramatic group shot by Mahmud Asrar, and a humorous take on new character Wyn by Skottie Young. You can check out the covers below.

G.O.D.S. #1 – 75960620497700111





Virgin Variant Cover by MATEUS MANHANINI – 75960620497700118

Aiko Variant Cover by EJIKURE – 75960620497700131

Aiko Virgin Variant Cover by EJIKURE – 75960620497700116

Variant Cover by MAHMUD ASRAR & MATTHEW WILSON – 75960620497700117

Variant Cover by PEACH MOMOKO – 75960620497700141

Variant Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG – 75960620497700121

On Sale 10/4

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