Cassandra Clare Reveals Main Characters in ‘The Wicked Powers’ Series

At the Out of the Shadows panel this weekend at Book Con 2017, author Cassandra Clare provided fans with some exclusive news that Ty Blackthorn and Kit Herondale would be the main characters in The Wicked Powers series.

TWP will be set after the events of The Dark Artifices and will be released sometime after 2021 according to Clare’s current book schedule. Book 2 of TDA, Lord of Shadows, just came out on May 23, which follows the adventures of parabatai Shadowhunters Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn as well as the rest of the Blackthorn family as they navigate an increasingly dangerous world full of internal and external threats. Without getting too spoiler-y, Ty and Kit have already gone through a lot in LoS and one can only imagine what other challenges they will face before the end of this series.

At the panel, Clare also said that Simon and Isabelle will be making an appearance in Queen of Air and Darkness (book 3 in the TDA trilogy). Last we heard of them in Lady Midnight they were engaged as Robert, Clary, Jace, and Magnus had just arrived at the Los Angeles Institute from their engagement party.

Hilariously as well, we find out that Kit isn’t quite afraid of ducks the way other Herondale men are (Will and Jace) but he may have a distaste for swans!

Clare also talked about how she wanted LoS to be a pivot book for the whole Shadowhunters world and that it would take them to a much darker world. “We’ve always known that with the decision the Clave made at the end of City of Heavenly Fire, they made this bad kind of decision to punish this entire group of people, fairies, for something some of them have done and that decision had these very bad repercussions and it was selfish basically. When you have a selfish and a bad government you’re leading your story down a darker tale in which your heroes aren’t finding an external evil as so much as they are fighting an internal evil, their own people and government,” said Clare.

Shadowhunters, the Freeform show based on the author’s The Mortal Instruments series, returns for tonight for part 2 of their second season.

For more on the panel, watch these great videos below:



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