Captain America #1 Will See ‘Babylon 5’Creator J. Michael Straczynski Create a Character-centered Relaunch to Steve Rogers

The Civil War Era Amazing Spider-Man Writer Returns with Captain America #1 This September

The acclaimed Babylon 5 science fiction writer J. Michael Straczynski revealed his dramatic return to Marvel comics. After working with Marvel editor Wil Moss on an epic Thor anniversary issue, and having subsequent follow-ups with fellow editor Alana Smith, the resulting takeoff in popularity had the team request Straczynski to return for the monthly Captain America relaunch. Which is absolutely happening and kicking off this September.

Known for creating the series Babylon 5 and co-creating the Netflix series Sense 8 with the Wachowskis, the writer is highly celebrated in the entertainment world, having even scripted big Hollywood movies such as World War Z. From 2001 to 2007, he was also a beloved writer for Marvel comics, having penned both Amazing Spider-Man and Thor. Returning to Marvel to pen everyone’s favorite American hero, Straczynski will be working with artist Jesús Saiz (PUNISHER, DOCTOR STRANGE).

In an interview speaking with io9, Straczynski revealed that he’s taking a more Steve-Centered approach to the upcoming series:

“I come from television, where the #1 rule is that you must service the main character above all else. When I took on The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter had been all but lost in a crowd of supporting characters, so I set them aside to delve deep into him, his relationships, his fears and his dreams, along the way setting the stage for the Spider-Verse. I did much the same when I came aboard Thor, and began asking what it actually means to be a god, and putting Asgard in Oklahoma to see how he and the others relate to the mortal world, making them both more god-like but also more personal. Ditto for Supreme Power and Mark Milton. Again, it’s all about servicing the main character first and foremost.”

He concludes with expectations for fans, “Overall, the goal is to do some really challenging stories, some really fun stories, and get inside Steve’s head to see who he really is in ways that may not have been fully explored before. If folks like what I did with Peter in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and Thor in, well… THOR, then they should give this a shot because I’m really swinging for the bleachers in this one!”

Captain America



Art and Cover by JESÚS SAIZ

On Sale 9/20

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