‘Black’s Myth: The Key to His Heart’ is a monsterful punk rock sequel out of Ahoy Comics

The Beloved Punk Rock Horror Series by Eric Palicki & Wendell Cavalcanti hits stores in June courtesy of Ahoy Comics

A sequel to the punk rock werewolf detective series, Black’s Myth: The Key to His Heart will arrive this June 21, 2023. Created by writer Eric Palicki, artist Wendell Cavalcanti, and cover artist Liana Kangas, this strangely synecdoche horror story follows the adventures of Janie Jones “Strummer” Mercado, a werewolf private eye, and her charming D’jinn assistant Ben Si’lat. Together, the duo investigate the supernatural crime world of Los Angeles in a punky world of myths and monsters.

“I’ve made a terrible mistake, and I don’t just mean pursuing a career in comics!” said writer Eric Palicki in an official press statement. “How can we continue calling our book Black’s Myth unless Strummer once again finds herself in the orbit of her enigmatic client-turned-nemesis Rainsford Black? Hopefully, Volume Two reveals Mister Black to be a little less mysterious and perhaps a tad more sympathetic, as Wendell and I build on the unanswered questions of the first volume while also delivering a new mystery for Strums and Ben to unravel.”

“I’ve always loved werewolves, but I never thought I’d be working on a werewolf comic series,” said artist Wendell Cavalcanti. “And here I am for the second time (wow!), in a supernatural Los Angeles where I can draw werewolves, vampires, djinns, witches, and The Minotaur (there is only one). It’s exciting to show a little more of these characters. I can only say thank you very much to all of you.”

The sequel will arrive with a special cover by Hack and Slash creator, Tim Seeley. According to IGN, Ahoy’s official teaser summary for the sequel to Black’s Myth is as follows:

“In the upcoming series, the son of the mysterious Rainsford Black has gone missing while searching for a grimoire dating to the 1600s which would allow him to summon demons to hunt and add to the elder’s growing collection of trophies. Now it’s up to Strummer and Ben to find him — but as always, the case is less clear cut than it seems on the surface.”

“Our first story belonged to Strummer and Ben, but we called the book Black’s Myth for a reason, and we have so much more of Rainsford Black’s story to reveal,” said Palicki in Ahoy’s press release. “What compels him to hunt (and collect) monsters, and what kind of case could possibly bring Strummer back into his orbit? Volume 2 promises answers, along with the return of everyone’s favorite Minotaur.”

In this latest installment, Strummer takes on a new case to prevent a young girl from turning into a monster. However, things become complicated when an old enemy sends mysterious packages to her house, and Strummer finds herself with an unexpected intern.

Black’s Myth: The Key to His Heart is published by AHOY Comics. Like all comics from AHOY, the new series promises to include extra features including prose and illustrations with floppies selling for $3.99.

Writer Erick Palicki was once called a remarkable new voice in comics by Jeph Loeb. He lives and writes in Seattle, Washington and his previous work includes the graphic novels Fake Empire, No Angel, and Marvel’s Guardians of Infinity. Eric’s work as an editor includes the award-nominated anthologies All We Ever Wanted and Dead Beats.

Wendell Cavalcanti lives and works in his native Brazil and has previously illustrated BlackAcre for Image Comics and The Phantom for Frew Publications. Wendell previously collaborated with Eric on Atlantis Wasn’t Built for Tourists, published by Scout Comics.

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