Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Vol. 1; Vixen NYC Vol. 1; and Zatanna & the Ripper Vol. 1 are all coming to print this fall!

DC and WEBTOON hit the ground running with 3 releases this fall!

The DC and WEBTOON collaboration is bearing fruit fall of 2023 with the world’s largest digital comics platform entering the global book market. August brings Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Vol. 1 and Vixen: NYC Vol. 1 to print for mass consumption wherever books are sold, while Zatanna & the Ripper Vol. 1 land on bookshelves come October.

“Fans can’t get enough of our DC and WEBTOON content,” said Anne DePies, DC’s senior vice president and general manager, “and expanding DC’s creative partnership with WEBTOON into print with books like Batman: Wayne Family Adventures reflects this demand. Each page of these new volumes is meticulously reproduced to be read seamlessly in book narrative format. DC’s continuing partnership with WEBTOON combines legendary franchises with new technologies and global fandoms, and we can’t wait to get these new print editions into your hands.”

“We’re immensely proud of the stories we’ve been able to tell with DC and thrilled to bring these narratives to bookshelves,” said David Lee, VP of content at WEBTOON. “The creative teams behind these series have given fans fresh takes on legendary DC characters, and we’re excited to give WEBTOON and DC fans a new way to enjoy these titles.”

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures kicked off the popular partnership of DC and WEBTOON back in September of 2021. The acclaimed webcomic series, ready to start season two, finds Batman being a father to a colorful array of adopted, fostered, and biological powered kids on a weekly basis. Vixen: NYC debuted in May of last year and stars Mari Jiwe, a college freshman who learns she can harness the power of the animal kingdom, and not long after came Zatanna & the Ripper where the titular magician ends up in the wrong time pitted against the infamous serial killer on the mean streets of London circa the 1800s.

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Vol. 1 (9781779523273, $14.99 US) publishes on August 1 and collects episodes 1 through 25

Batman Family Adventures

“Being a father can’t be harder than being Batman, right?”

Cover to Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Vol. 1 

Vixen: NYC Vol. 1 (9781779523280, $14.99 US) publishes on August 15 and collects episodes 1 through 9

Vixen NYC

Cover to Vixen NYC Vol. 1

 Zatanna & the Ripper Vol. 1 (9781779523389, $14.99 US) publishes on October 3 and collects episodes 1 through 11.

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