Avengers Beyond Brings you The Beyonder’s plan for the Marvel Universe!

Derek Landy and Greg Land reunite this March for Avengers Beyond!


The Avengers should beware the ides of March because they are bringing a devastating surprise! The one. The only Beyonder has had a hand in their recent misadventures!

Yes, Avengers Beyond is dropping the bombshell that the all-knowing puppet master behind the original Secret Wars has returned full-force thanks to Derek Landy and Greg Land in this continuation of their daring Avengers tale!

Derek Landy and Greg Land’s All-Out Avengers has featured some of the craziest, most exhilarating missions the Avengers have had without any explanation! Where Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have been questioning their actions and even their reality for several months now, we finally learn how it’s coming from a world-ending threat. As out from the cover of darkness out into the light… is the Beyonder! And big things are coming to the Marvel Universe…

“I am beyond excited to take everything we’ve done in All-Out Avengers and continue it into its next incarnation,” Landy said. “We’re just beginning to brush up against the wider implications of the Beyonder’s agenda and the chance to tell this kind of story — the story of gods, the one thing that scares them, and the Avengers caught in the middle — is an impossible dream come true for a kid who grew up with Secret Wars.”

Pick up the final issue of All-Out Avengers this January, and then prepare for more nonstop action and relentless adventure in Avengers Beyond #1 this March!

Avengers Beyond


Written by DEREK LANDY

Art and Cover by GREG LAND

On Sale 3/29

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