‘Arrow’ Misses of the Week: “Restoration”

Season 4, Episode 3: “Restoration”
Original Air Date: October 21st, 2015

I love Arrow, but there have been parts of this season that have absolutely bananas, and not in a good way. I want to like where the show is going because it has a ton of promise but if I want to continue enjoying it, I have to stop taking it so seriously. That’s why I’m pointing out its worst flaws of the week so we can all hate-watch together. I’m all about the bonding.

arrow felicity and the crane

Felicity “hacking” a construction crane

So Felicity just happens to have access to all construction equipment in Star City and then has the ability to remotely start and control said crane? I know that when it comes to shows with superheroes there is some suspension of reality but this move was so jarring I couldn’t take the rest of the fight seriously. Why then, hasn’t Team Arrow amassed a robot army all over Star City? Alert all of the construction equipment and use it to fight those slippery Ghosts!

I still love you, Felicity. You’re adorable.

But you’re also on this list twice.

arrow diggle and the worst hiding spot

Diggle and the worst hiding spot ever

Diggle Diggle Diggle. I know we’ve already established that Team Arrow is the WORST when it comes to being stealthy, but solo, I thought you’d be better. Look at all that convenient lighting right behind your big head! Did you not see that when you decided to hide behind the paper thin scaffolding? And don’t you roll your eyes at Baddie #7 for finding you. He probably heard your loud ass phone vibrating from down the street.

And where is your Dollar General Magneto knock-off mask? Felicity told you not to leave home without it and then you go off and pretend like you’re better than the helmet.

arrow laurel sara what are you doing

Laurel trying to resurrect Sara

I know that Laurel is still grieving and all that nonsense and I also know that really this story line is more to set up Original Black Canary’s transition to the Legends of Tomorrow but it all feels so forced and fake that I can’t buy it. Thea’s journey to understanding her time in the Lazarus Pit is more realistic, especially since it gives us time with the always beautiful John Barrowman, but Nyssa is the only voice of reason when it comes to Sara and it’s really frustrating to watch Laurel act like a child.

There isn’t really even a “miss” in this section but it’s just so frustrating to watch on a narrative level that I couldn’t help but include it.

arrow felicity what are you doing

Felicity’s ability to shoot a gun

Felicity has been on Team Arrow for what? Four years now? I find it extremely hard to believe, especially now that she’s dating Oliver, that no one would have taken the time to teach her how to properly hold and fire a weapon. I don’t expect Felicity to be a professional by any means, but they have a rack of LOADED weapons just chillin’ there in the event of an attack. What good are those weapons if Felicity is going to comically CLOSE HER EYES while firing off an automatic weapon?

Felicity, baby.

Step into my office.

arrow diggle took a bullet

Oliver taking a “bullet” for Diggle

It was important for the show and Team Arrow to rebuild the trust between Oliver and Diggle but the “how” of it is another matter entirely. Oliver takes a “bullet” (AKA a meta-human tattoo playing card) for Diggle. However, there’s absolutely zero danger in this moment, no life-threatening injury. Diggle punches Double Down into a coma and Oliver’s pretty kevlar armor is a little dinged up.

Glossing over that fact, it completely goes against what was said earlier in the episode. The issue has never been if Oliver would take a bullet for Diggle, but instead if Diggle trusts Oliver enough to put his life on the line for the Arrow, the man who kidnapped his wife. Oliver taking a card-shaped bullet for Diggle doesn’t actually fix the fact that Diggle won’t still return the favor because he doesn’t trust Oliver.

What do you think? Were there any moments I missed? Let me know in the comments!

Arrow airs Wednesdays on the CW at 8pm EST. 

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