Alex Ross is Bringing Six Decades of the Avengers and the X-Men Roaring to Life with Variant Covers

August’s Uncanny Avengers #1 kicks off a celebration 60 years in the making when Alex Ross creates new connecting variant covers for the Avengers and the X-Men

Marvel’s had some pretty big milestones recently and this year it’s the Avengers and the X-Men hitting their 60th anniversary! The momentous occasion will feature new titles, collections, and other great treats for fans throughout the year, but first Alex Ross will start the party in August! Given the impact these two revolutionary superhero teams have had on the comic book industry, is it any wonder that the acclaimed artist was tapped? He created two magnificent pieces of art that will be featured on various Avengers and X-Men titles as connecting variant covers.

Ross is the ideal candidate to embody the amazing soul of these teams, and these images are sure to live on in the years to come. August drops the first part of both covers in Uncanny Avengers #1—an upcoming title that finds Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and mutants fighting side by side to protect the Marvel Universe!

“In the case of the Avengers, I wanted to capture something of the era I grew up with, but also something extensive,” Ross said. “So I captured the first 30 years of that team, from the ‘60s through the ‘80s. I end where 1989 closes. I’m trying to make sure my work is aligning with how the characters looked and also the attitudes the characters had.”

Ross’ astoundingly detailed cover encompasses 60 years of the Avengers’ adventures featuring well-known big names alongside fan favorites and everyone in between who has starred in the title over its mighty run. Here’s a peek while you wait for Monday to reveal the X-Men 60th anniversary connecting cover.



On Sale 8/16

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