A New Mary Jane & Black Cat Series Embraces an Unlikely Pair Due to Dark Web

Writer Jed MacKay and Artist Vicenzo Carratù launch Mary Jane & Black Cat, a five-issue limited series coming in December.

Mary Jane and Black Cat are the last two people that were expected for a team-up. Yet, here we are, focused on the eye candy that is Peter Parker’s greatest loves and their respective butt-kicking abilities.

This five-issue limited connects directly with the Dark Web Spider-Man/X-Men/Venom crossover, where, after a series of individual adventures for the thief with a heart of living in the Meow—including the current Iron Cat limited run—Jed MacKay will see Felicia Hardy and Mary Jane Watson team up for a wild ride. 

“I’ve kind of lost track of how many lives Felicia has left at this point, but she keeps coming back- and this time she’s brought a friend!” MacKay said in a statement from Marvel. “Getting back to Mary Jane and Black Cat after their one-shot last year has been a delight—and seeing how they’ve been catching up on all the drama that’s happened since then has been, well, catnip.”

Mary Jane and Black Cat cover with a green backdrop. The women standing in strong striking poses, MJ to the left, Cat to the right.

Written by JED MACKAY



On Sale 12/21

Currently, Peter and MJ are separated after a big event caused Peter’s closest people to turn away from him. What Peter had done, we’re not entirely certain, though whatever the cause, it was so bad that it destroyed all of his relationships and nearly destroyed his body and mental health.

This reboot also saw MJ with a new love interest, a man named Paul, of whom she shares two step-children with in the current timeline. It’s also been noted that the team running Spider-Man seem to have no intention of having Spider-Man get married again.

MacKay will be partnering with up-and-coming artist Vincenzo Carratù, who will be making his official Marvel Comics debut. This series will also continue a bit of that chemistry we’d seen when MJ and Felicia last worked together to save Peter in MacKay’s popular limited-run one-shot: Mary Jane & Black Cat: Beyond #1

In the current Amazing Spider-Man, things are about to get even more complicated regarding both women, as the twisted setting of the Dark Web will see Mary Jane and Felicia cross each other’s paths in the dimension of demonic Limbo. Yet, something’s changed. As both Felicia and MJ have some guilt they’ve been harboring and it’s messing with the pair’s plan to get out before all goes wrong.

Will things be okay? Check out the comic to find out!

Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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