5 Times Robb Stark was Hotter than Jon Snow


The best time of year is nearly upon us, ya’ll – only a little over two weeks until Game of Thrones is back in our lives!! The show (and the books) haven’t been the same since the rough and untimely demise of one Robb Stark, so I’d like to take a moment to honor him in the classiest way possible, because THE NORTH REMEMBERS.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are five times Robb was hotter than Jon.

1. When he’s shirtless. Jon Who?

2. When he’s holding puppies.


3. When he’s smiling.

Since Jon Snow is always too busy angst-facing to smile, Robb should win this category by default. I’m pretty sure Jon thinks he’s smiling right here:

But I mean…look at that smile. Robb would win anyway.

4. When he pierces our hearts with those baby blues. No contest.

5. When he says things like this:

And when Jon Snow is propositioned, his face looks like this:

There is one instance where Jon Snow beats Robb Stark every time – angsting. Man, can the bastard ANGST, y’all. ALL BOO-HOO ALL THE TIME.

No contest, though I would still argue that Robb looks sexier doing it.

You can disagree with me if you want, but your arguments are fruitless. My proof is rock solid. Like Robb’s abs and my heart toward the Frey’s.

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  1. I Love Robb and Jon. But on your rock solid proof I’m gone have to dumb you down a bit. One I don’t picture Robb hot any moment he’s with his ‘Wife’ ‘that cost him the war’ yeah it takes away alot of Hotness. That smiling contest you did is invalid One because Jon is not smiling he does smile sometimes, two because Robb isn’t really smiling in that picture he’s technically laughing its a big difference. 2 Jon is actually carring that pup correctly it might not look cute but that’s the proper way to carry a pup Robn is the one carrying them wrong when you look close at the other points of view of the camera you see Robb is holding them my the tummy but if you look in from of Robb where Jon is it looks like he’s cuddling them in reality he’s not. You’re just hating on Jon because its ridiculous how you’re using bad pictures of Jon but good pictures of Robb, if you’re going to compare them use similar pictures and them in similar situations. Not a picture of Jon watching a defenseless person getting beating in comparison to Robb talking to Theon about the Lannisters and the Stark house. Of course Jon going to show a worse face, he’s watching someone get beated. And its idiotic how you show Robb topless but you couldn’t show a still from season one where Robb and Jon was both Topless. Robb must not have any abs because this was total bullshit.

  2. Robb Stark(Richard Maddden) is way hotter than Jon(Kit) and is a fact. Being the most desirable character doesnt mean hes the most beautiful of all. Before I started watching the show I only knew Jon Snow(bc popular character) when I started watching it I was mindblown bc I couldnt stand that Jon was always the hearthrob and seeing Robb for first time… I mean that men looked grear even crying. He was a 10/10 everytime he was at screen, such a manly perfect face. Kit Harington is kind of pretty normal looking. I even find Iain Glen way more handsome…

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