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NYCC 2022: Showrunner Mike McMahan and Producer Danielle Uhlarik on what to expect from this year’s Solar Opposites

At New York Comic-Con 2022, we spoke to the showrunner and producer of Solar Opposites about the latest Halloween special.

NYCC 2022: ‘Koala Man’ Creator Michael Cusack and Actress Demi Lardner Spill The Tea About Australia and Wrestling Hugh Jackman

The duo, along with all top talented actors such as Hugh Jackman, Jermaine Clement, and Hugo Weaving, star in Hulu’s upcoming animated comedy set in Australia: Koala Man.

NYCC 2022: Mindy Kaling and Charlie Grandy Discuss Approaching Velma’s Sexuality in HBO Max’s Animated Series

"Her self-discovery is a really big part of this series."

Interview with ‘Tom Cook’ GSCF 2022 | The Workprint

Two weeks ago, The Workprint hit the Garden State Comic Fest in Rockaway. While we were there, we caught up with legendary cartoon animator...

Alan Tudyk on Harry’s Surprise Marriage And Shooting His First Sex Scene on ‘Resident Alien’

The leading actor of Resident Alien talks about the series’ biggest twist with Harry’s marriage to Isabel. Five weeks into Resident Alien and critics agree...

Sara Tomko and Alice Wetterlund discuss just how much Asta and D’arcy mean to each other on SYFY’s new series Resident Alien 

Where most first seasons slowly figure themselves out the gate, Resident Alien has somewhat benefited. An extended two-plus year delay in production due to...

Alan Tudyk on What It’s Like Playing The Alien in SYFY’s Newest Series ‘Resident Alien’

In a recent conversation with The Workprint, Alan Tudyk discusses a bit about what the role was like along with his process. Sharing the struggle about what it takes to make such an off-center character come to awkward life.

SDCC 2020: What We Do In The Shadows

All secret meetings take place in the fancy room. But the What We Do In The Shadows Panel is open to all for #ComicConAtHome Last...

NYCC 2019 Interview: A Look Back at ‘Batman Beyond’ with the Cast and Crew

New York Comic Con brought back the cast and production team of Batman Beyond, including with actors Kevin Conroy, Will Friedle, Lauren Tom, director James Tucker, casting director, Andrea Romano, and writer-producer, Alan Burnett, to discuss their experiences with the show, and it’s legacy within the DCU, as well as pop culture in general.

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