The ‘X-Men: Green’ Story Continues With X-Men Unlimited #29 

Continuing from the X-Men Unlimited comics issues #5-12, this Infinity Comics series following the story of Nature Girl continues with X-Men Unlimited #29! With new issues every Monday! 

The ‘X-Men: Green’ story continues with a new anthology that kicked off this past Monday. As noted in Monday’s press release, this 5-issue arc that begins with X-Men Unlimited #29, follows the adventures of Nature Girl, Curse, and The ‘X-Men Green’ team. 

After their imprisonment and getaway from Krakoa, the team continues their personal mission to protect the natural world… by eliminating any human threat. So, after taking control of a ship with the mind-controlling Sauron, and with the former police dog Saoirse at their side, the group teams to follow a lead from the MaraudersPyro

Their target? Some poachers are on the hunt for some defenseless whales… 

And while their true whereabouts may be unknown to the Quiet Council, how long can Nature Girl and her radical renegades go unnoticed? Especially, once they attract the attention of a certain sea-dwelling sea-lord… fans of Marvel are all-too-familiar with. 

You can check out more every Monday on the Marvel Unlimited App to find out more. Details below.


Writer: Karla Pacheco 

Artist: Emilio Laiso

Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg 

Editor: Jordan White  

The “X-Men: Green” storyline continues! In the first part of its second arc, Nature Girl and Curse, fresh off their escape from Krakoa, commandeer a ship with Sauron (and Saoirse). Now, with, only each other to call a crew, the foursome accepts their mission from the Marauders’ Pyro: stop a pack of whale hunters by any means necessary. 


Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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