The Quad is Upside Down in the ‘Killjoys’ Season 5 Premiere

In the Killjoys season 5 premiere, the Quad is turned upside down as The Lady has emerged from the green and now seemingly controls everything in the region. It’s especially eerie in Old Town where Dutch and Johnny are married and they have no idea who D’avin is.

The sad reality is that Team Awesome Force failed as their enemy is free enacting her nefarious plans. What her end game is we’ll find out in this final season but it’s surely going to be one hells of a ride to get there. Here are the crazy moments from tonight’s episode.

Dutch, Johnny, and D’av

BFFs John Jaqobis and Yalena ‘Dutch’ Jardeen are now a married couple under the mind control of The Lady. Dutch is known as Yala and she is also the operator of The Royale. Johnny in the meantime works at a factory and the two live above the bar. They run into D’avin, who is still a Killjoy, but also has a warrant for Jaq whom appears to be MIA. The elder Jaqobis brother gets a drink from Dutch who slips him a powerful sedative. The husband and wife then have a conversation outside where we discover that in this new world, Jaq is their son. Since the Killjoy is knocked out, the duo board Lucy (whom they don’t remember at the moment) but is soon followed by a pissed D’av. Johnny tries to threaten the other man with the gun that Dutch took, but in this incarnation he has no idea how to use one apparently. The trio end up talking it out and we learn that the warrant on Jaq is for a missing person because he ran away from his boarding school in Qresh. Dutch comments though that he ran away from his kidnappers and it seems that their son was requisitioned because he scored incredibly well some on tests. Interestingly enough, the married couple appear to disagree with Johnny thinking Jaq has a better future on the other planet while Dutch believes that he belongs with them.

D’av comments that the kid should be home by now unless he’s been detoured. John states that they can’t think of anywhere else his son might be, but the elder Jaqobis has them use a retinal scanner which will help them pinpoint any other location Jaq might be at. He interviews them one at a time and we can already see that personality traits and aspects of their relationships are still intact. Like the romantic tension between Dutch and D’av and the bickering rivalry of the Jaqobis brothers. John leaves the two and goes to a different part of the ship when Lucy tries to talk to him and the contamination alarm on his bracelet goes off. Meanwhile D and D are having a little chat while she looks at the scanner showing all the leads the Killjoy has on her missing son. He gets personal by asking her how long she and her hubby have been fighting. She dodges the question and asks him instead if he has any kids. When he answers no, Dutch explains that she never thought she would but Jaq is her home and she wants him with her. He doesn’t disagree but explains that he’ll need to take the kid back to Qresh to fulfill the warrant. She counters that he can take them with him so she can kick some Qreshi ass until her son is allowed to return with her. He laughs and agrees to it and that pull between him and Dutch comes to the surface as she extends a finger out to touch him.

What happens next is not entirely unexpected as she suddenly gets a rush of real memories of her past experiences with him. This freaks her out understandably and she rushes to leave only to find Johnny passed out on the ground. She sees his bracelet activated and takes him to a decontamination shower.

Back at The Royale, John has planned a romantic evening with his lady to try and work at their marriage. When the two smooch however, Dutch gets another flash of memories this time of her and her bff. She instantly pulls back and cries out that this feels wrong. The current owner of The Royale dashes to her room to calm down but is mysteriously locked in. Her bracelet then goes off and she desperately tries to get out fearing the contamination. As she sits alone, her true self begins to return as she remembers the words of Aneela and she wakes up from The Lady’s control.

The next morning, she finds Johnny who apparently crashed at Carl’s the night before because he was being grilled by Pree (who the presiding RAC officer in the area). Outside The Royale, she asks him to please listen to what she has to say even it sounds crazy. Dutch goes on to explain that they don’t own this bar, she was a former assassin, they are both Killjoys, D’avin is his big brother, the three of them were on a mission to destroy The Lady and they lost so she really needs him to wake up. John laughs it off though thinking that this is some kind of role play and he is relieved because he thought she was going to ask for a divorce. As Johnny leaves to go to work (after planting a smooch on a less than thrilled Dutch), she notices Zeph and calls out to her only to have the other woman scurry away.

Mass Hypnosis

Meanwhile Zeph looks like she’s endured some hard times living out of a dilapidated building and generally not talking to anyone. She ends up scanning Gareth’s hand print and along with others in the hopes of gaining access into a factory’s system in Old Town. Zeph knows something isn’t right and once she’s in queries five years of climate data for the area.

When Dutch catches up to her the following day, we find out that Zeph still doesn’t know her true identity, but does believe something is wrong with the rain. She explains that it doesn’t make sense for precipitation to come twice a day like clockwork in a semi-arrid climate like theirs so why isn’t anyone talking about it? Her theory is that everyone is sharing some kind of mass delusion. As Dutch wonders out loud how that is possible, she remembers the words of The Lady (as Khlyen) inside the green, “Memories aren’t just where you’ve been, it’s who you are and if I own that, I own you and when I get out of here little flea I will own everyone.” Zeph then shows the other woman her hideout. The scientist says that she’s been collecting data on things that don’t seem to mesh with her memories and factory slates. Her collecting lead her to discover that their biosphere seems to be having a giant hissy fit. Dutch tells her that she always figures stuff out, that the real Zeph is a mad genius and whatever part of that person is left in her is the one she needs. The other woman is relieved to realize that she’s not crazy after all and hugs Dutch after being told that she isn’t alone anymore.

Pree Has Hair

I did not even recognize the formidable Prima Dez with a head and face full of hair. He is currently the local RAC representative of sorts and still has something going on with Gareth, though the other man is engaged to another woman. She doesn’t seem to know what’s going on between the two men however. When Gareth is threatened by D’avin into helping him locate Jaq in exchange for dismissing the warrant against him for previous crimes, Pree gets upset and goes to confront the other Killjoy for not checking in with him. D’av though finds it interesting that Gareth is under the other man’s protection because there’s only three reasons why that could be: paid, laid, or afraid. But he does go on to say that this is the J and nobody cares what you do with your personal life as long as you do your job. However, Pree didn’t and the other man admits to it. Nobody has to know that however and D’av instead asks for any information about Delle Seyah Kendry who was flagged in the scanner that Dutch was previously looking at.

Delle Seyah Shows Off Her Knife Skills

Speaking of Delle Seyah, she’s looking beautiful and deadly as she quickly dispatches a number of Hullen within the Red 9 facility who are looking for Jaq. The young man is in fact with his birth mother, seemingly doing some hacking of sorts and leaves a trail for Dutch and his dad to follow. Team Awesome Force is also on their way there with D’av having gotten a lead on Seyah Kendry likely from Pree. When the trio get inside, Johnny asks if anyone else is getting major déjà vu. Dutch sneaks away from the boys who are busy bickering and finds Aneela’s lady love. The other woman knows exactly who she is and explains that The Lady is terraforming Westerley for some other dastardly purpose. The former member of the Nine tells Dutch to stick to the western side where she and Jaq have left them an exit. But before leaving Seyah Kendry gives her a big kiss while simultaneously handcuffing her to a chair. D’av though runs into his quarry in one of the hallways with the younger man turning around saying “Hi dad.” This confuses the Killjoy because in his mind Johnny is the kid’s father. But Jaq goes on to add that his dad promised not to forget him and that he’s strong and will push through this. Meanwhile Delle Seyah comes up from behind and zaps the D’av unconscious. She then gives her son fingerprints from Dutch’s gun and a DNA sample from their kiss. For yet to be known reasons, he needs these items and the duo are taking a long trip to a mysterious location.

Blame it on the Rain

Back at Old Town, Zeph is able to remove Dutch’s bracelet and reveals that the item doesn’t measure any kind of contamination but their cortisol levels. Whenever they are stressed because they are being triggered by a true memory resurfacing, the bracelet goes off and they head to a decontamination shower, where somehow a false memory is encoded into their brains again. Zeph believes that for someone to wake up they need visceral proof of their old life that takes them completely by surprise and no access to a decon shower. Dutch has a plan cooking and if all goes right they’ll have more help.

She has D’av, Johnny, and Pree meet her at The Royale where she gives her bff his wedding ring to Pawter (telling him about his real wife), D’av his military id (mentioned the time he killed his entire company on his worst day ever) and showing Pree a hologram of himself singing. Important to note that she got the items from Lucy who is still active but was hiding because the Hullen had tried to wipe her out on numerous occasions. As the memories come surfacing back for the three men though and their bracelets go off making them believe in the contamination lie. They run outside of The Royale and stand outside in the rain while Dutch tries to tell them the truth about their real lives. Zeph though realizes that it isn’t just the showers that are reprogramming their collective minds but the rain as well and she runs to intervene. The boys once again believe in the false memories, with D’av and Pree pointing their weapons at her. The other woman though arrives just in time and throws a light grenade as a distraction. The two hide quickly hide as they are being hunted by everyone in Old Town. Unfortunately Zeph gets shot during a gun fight in an alley.

How is Khlyen Alive?

The episode ends onboard a Hullen ship where we discover Khlyen is being held as a prisoner. He is visited by The Lady who is in the body of a young girl. She ask him how Dutch is awake and he responds by telling her not to underestimate his girls. The Lady scoffs that she has everyone looking for Dutch with Khlyen asking why is she so scared the of the other woman then.

Final Thoughts

  • The women of Killjoys continue to kick loads of ass and I am here for it. I am seriously loving this assassin side of Delle Seyah and totally ship her and Dutch even more now.
  • Did The Lady come out of the green as a little girl or is she inhabiting a body like a host?
  • How the heck is Khlyen alive? Did The Lady pull a version of him out of the green as well somehow?
  • Since Khlyen told The Lady not to underestimate his “girls,” the word being plural, I suspect that Aneela may have somehow survived.


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