‘The Marvels’: 5 Things We’re Looking Forward To

The first trailer for 'The Marvels' film teased an all-female superhero team and a lot of shenanigans. Here's what we're looking forward to the most.

In first trailer for superhero team-up movie The Marvels, a space-suited Monica Rambeau approaches a jump point while Nick Fury looks on from a station. As soon as she touches it, said space suit goes hurling through space… and it’s teenaged Jersey City-ite Kamala Khan who’s inside. Monika lands on some kind of space rock… while Carol Danvers shows up in Kamala’s fangirl-tastic bedroom, which is covered in images of… Carol Danvers.

Right off the bat, the trailer tells us that we’re in for a fun superhero team-up / mix-up movie that’ll entangle our three Marvel ladies via their powers. Let the hijinks begin! Here are five things we’re looking forward to seeing in the movie. But first, in case you haven’t seen it yet, behold the trailer:


Zawe Ashton’s Villainous Hammer-Wielder

All we really know about Ashton’s character is that she’ll be the main villain and that her weapon looks remarkably like that of Ronan the Accuser. Just who is she, and what is she up to? Hard to say right now, but we can’t wait to find out!

Park Seo-joon’s Mystery Character

What’s Parasite actor Park Seo-joon doing here? Besides looking bad ass while apparently leading a charge on what’s probably an alien planet? We’ve got no idea, but we’re sure eager to find out!

Interstellar Journeys!

The trailer kicks off in space, and much of it takes place in space, and so it’s safe to say we’ll get to explore more of the vast expanse that is the Marvel universe beyond earth. Who knows what characters and civilizations we’ll get to meet out there?

Big Fangirl Energy

Part of Kamala Khan’s charm is how she unabashedly lets the whole world know that she’s a huge Carol Danvers fan. Many-a Marvel fan can find a kindred spirit in her collecting, cosplaying, and fan art-ing, and in The Marvels, she’ll not only get to meet her hero, but fight alongside her. This should be fun… and adorable!


‘Nuff said =^._.^=

Mary Fan
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