The Mandalorian: “Chapter 14: The Tragedy” Reflection

In season two episode six of The Mandalorian, our dynamic duo makes it to the ancient Jedi site where the course of their adventure is altered drastically.

Warning: Since you have chosen to read my article, I agree to warn you of the spoilers below.

Well, I was wrong with my prediction. What I thought would be the season finale ended up happening in “Chapter 14: Tragedy,” and it was one of the ages. I’m still not over it.

The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) and Grogu arrive to the planet of Tython, where they find the ancient Jedi temple on top of a mountain. The pass is tough to land on so Mando takes up the little one with his jetpack. Ugh, such a cute little scene. 

Anyway, they get to the top, and Mando places Grogu on the seeing stone. After some hesitation, Grogu goes into a deep mediation that forms a Force tube around him, not letting anyone in and protecting the Child. Din is stuck there, not knowing what to do, until suddenly . . .

Slave I enters the planet’s atmosphere. Ooooooo snap! We know who’s coming, but Mando is on the alert. He wants to leave, but he can’t get to Grogu, you know, because of the Force tube. So, Din goes to investigate.

There, he comes face to face with the ex-bounty hunter, Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison)!. The two of them come to a stand-off, where we find out that Boba isn’t alone. He is flanked by Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen), the bounty hunter from Mando’s trip to Tatooine that’s aiming at the Child. Boba found her dying in the desert and saved her life so she swears to help him. At a standstill where they all disarm, including Mando taking off his jetpack, Boba makes his attentions clear: he wants his armor back, which he would guarantee the two of them to safely leave the planet. Mando reluctantly agrees.

Then, shit hits the fan. 

An Imperial shuttle lands, unleashing an onslaught of Stormtroopers. What happens next is an intense firefight between the three hunters and Imperial troops. Mando and Fennec have their weapons (except the jetpack) and engage in ranged combat with the troopers. Boba takes a different approach using guerilla warfare and demolishing the enemy with his giant, skull crushing staff. They fight well too, with everyone getting their moment to shine, but this is Boba’s show. He is just straight up ruthless. After gruesomely slaughtering a Stormtrooper, he finds himself next to the Razor Crest.

Just when things are looking better, another shuttle arrives. Mando goes back to Grogu to see if he’s done, but the Child is still meditating. He tells the kid to stay there while he goes to fight. Just as he leaves, Grogu stops meditating and passes out. Aw, poor guy’s pooped.

Mando is back to fighting side by side with Fennec, and they are surrounded, until the playing field is leveled. Boba Fett is back with his Mandalorian Armor. This is everything anyone could have imagined for the famed bounty hunter, who even shoots down the two shuttles that have retreated..

Just when you think it’s over, a missile barrels down to the sky and blows up the Razor Crest!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Boba goes into Slave I to investigate.

Who would have done this? Well, an Imperial Starcruiser belonging to you know who, Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito). He sends down new forces, called the Dark Troopers. These are Iron Man-like robots that fly down and capture our boy!! Mando and Fennec run but, without the jetpack, are too late. 

All hope is lost. 

Mando rummages through what’s left of his ship and finds the metal ball Grogu loved playing with and his Beskar spear. Everything else is destroyed. The whole thing is just heartbreaking.

Boba Fett and Fennec are waiting for Mando, and, when Din comes back to them, Fett shows him that the coding in the armor proves his ownership. In fact, we learn that Jango Fett was a foundling (much like Din) and fought in the Mandalorian Civil Wars!

Mando is satisfied that the armor is back to its rightful owner and says the deal is complete. However, Boba and Fennec say their part is not held up just yet. The safety of the Child must be secured, meaning the Hunters Three will travel together. Slave I goes back to Nevarro, and Mando asks  Cara Dune (Gina Carano), now a Republic Marshal for help. He wants to know the whereabouts of Mayfeld (Bill Burr), the bounty hunter Mando worked with once. He plans to spring him out of jail to track Gideon’s ship. Cara is not a fan, but that changes when she finds out they have taken the Child.

Finally, we are left with the most gut wrenching scene. A tired Grogu fighting off troopers with the force before passing out. Gideon toys with him and shows off the Darksaber. He orders one of the Stormtroopers to shoot a stun ray thing at the Child, causing Grogu to pass out. They put tiny shackles on him, officially making him a prisoner. With the asset in hand, Gideon requests that Dr. Pershing be contacted so the experiments from season one can continue again. 

Geez, I’m sorry guys, but I need a minute.


Okay, what a powerful episode. It’s hard to say anything bad about this episode, especially the powerhouse duo of Jon Favreau penning the episode and industry legend Robert Rodriguez directing. The episode is a flowing masterpiece, showing the end product of an excellent union of filmmaking on all levels. 

One thing that really needs to be heralded is the beautiful score of Ludwig Göransoon. This man has really had fun with the series, crafting a stunning composition to compliment the world of the Mandalorian. This is especially effective in the Grogu prison scene, it breaks my heart over and over again. 

The action was phenomenal too, and I think this episode finally restored some faith into the Boba Fett lore, showing the bounty hunter in his element. The man is a certified badass, and pre and post donning the armor was such a joy to watch.

Now, the layout of the land is revealed for the season, and we have a lot ahead of us. Springing Mayfield out of jail and tracking the S.O.B.’s that took our baby boy! Also, what Jedi will we see in the coming episodes. Grogu’s meditation was not for nothing so I can only assuming we will see a cloaked knight come in to help save the day. Maybe we get Ahsoka Tano again, maybe the internet gets its wish with a Sebastian Stan Luke Skywalker, or maybe even an appearance from everyone’s favorite Jedi that just got his own series. 

Only time will tell, and I’m all for it. Protect Grogu at all costs!


I Have Spoken.


Bassam Kaado
Bassam Kaado
Bassam Kaado is a NJ writer that dabbles in screenplays, comic books, poetry, and articles covering various aspect of entertainment. In addition, he is an actor, rapper, and director. You can following Bassam @bkaado on Twitter and Instagram.

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