The Mandalorian: “Chapter 12: The Siege” Reflection

In season 2 episode 4 of The Mandalorian, Mando and the Child make a pitstop to repair the Razor Crest, and reunite with some old friends for another adventure.

Though I was really excited to meet Ahsoka Tano, Chapter 12 of the Mandalorian, “the Siege” gave us the only detour that would have made me okay with waiting another week, a return to Nevarro

With the Razor Crest needing more repairs, we are reunited with Cara Dune (Gina Carano) and Greef Karg (Carl Weathers). Karg puts his best mechanic on it, who is clearly a shady alien not happy to see Din (Pedro Pascal) and the Child on Nevarro. Besides that, it’s really heartwarming to see the two of them again, especially since they are much happier than when we last left them. Karg is running the town, while Cara is the town’s Marshal, finding a nice natural fit after fighting in the wars and running. It’s also enjoyable seeing their reaction to the Child after all this time. 

Nevarro is also looking better than we last left it, as it has flourished with trade due to it being an almost a fully peaceful planet. We even see Mythrol (Horatio Sanz), the alien from Chapter 1, who is working for Karg. The only remaining issue with Nevarro is a remaining Imperial base. Cara and Karg asked Djin for his help, and he reluctantly accepts to help his friends destroy it.  Mythrol tags along for good measure too! But, before they go, the Child is placed in a school class to keep safe, which is super adorable and shows us a little force action that we haven’t seen yet all season.

As the group infiltrates the Imperial base, they find that there are still a good amount of troops stationed there AND there is a lab where experiments were being performed to create beings using the Child’s blood. It’s obvious that the Empire wanted to replicate the Child’s force-using ability, which is why they wanted him in the first place.

Mando worries about the Child, who is safely hiding in a small school and leaves ahead of the rest of his group to get him. Karg, Cara, and Mythrol escape the base, which they successfully destroy by agitating the base’s lava core reactor. But, the action isn’t over as they have to outrun some TIE fighters in an exciting chase that ends up with a newly fixed Razor Crest saving the day.

The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda leave to continue their journey for Corvus, but we learn towards the end of the episode that the shady mechanic is actually working with the Empire! Never trust a shady mechanic. We learn he put a tracking device on the Razor Crest so Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) can follow them and retrieve the Child.

The episode was so much fun to watch and really made me yearn for the first season. My heart felt so warm seeing the old gang together. Carl Weathers, who directed the episode, did a fantastic job giving us a fun ride.

Also, the opening scene with Baby Yoda trying to help Mando with ship repairs was sooo adorable. Like, ugh, my heartstrings. 

Also, also, I wanted to give a shoutout to Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, who is making his second appearance in the show as an X-Wing captain. I’m a big fan of his work in Kim’s Convenience, and it’s great to see him in other work.

Bassam Kaado
Bassam Kaado
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