The Ashen Combine’s Arrival Is Heralded by The Avengers #1 This May

Can Earth's Mightiest Heroes withstand The Ashen Combine?

The Avengers as a team exist to contend with threats greater than any one of them individually can handle. After all, there’s a reason the MCU worked up to climactic battles in various Avengers movies. Now Jed MacKay is throwing something truly frightening at the Avengers just in time for their 60th anniversary. That force is called The Ashen Combine, and they herald some world shaking Tribulation Events that will test our heroes.

The Ashen Combine Full

The Ashen Combine are a collection of “the multiverse’s greatest monsters.” Worse, they’re known as Cityslayers, and each have the reality-warping power to bring an entire civilization to its knees. First there’s Lord Ennui, an avatar of atrophy that drains the spirit of thousands; next is the Idol Alabaster, a literal living godhead that forces the worship of everybody around it; my personal favorite name is Citysmith, a demented artist that twists cities in horrifying fashion; then there’s The Dead, who commands an army of restless spirits; finally is Meridian Diadem, referred to as an “endless dungeon” who consumes and spits out prisoners.

The Ashen Combine 1

Here’s a description of the havoc this new threat will wreak on our heroes:

The Avengers fly into action as this collection of the multiverse’s greatest monsters descends from the Impossible City to follow their respective appetites. Cityslayers all, these super nihilists pursue the assassination of metropolitan areas for sport! Each member ravages populations in their own terrifying way and their unique methods of destruction will make them a formidable match against even the powerful roster of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes that assemble in this new run of AVENGERS! As the battlezones are declared, the Avengers scatter to defend Earth. Who will be pitted against who?

The Ashen Combine 2

Be sure and check out the amazing sketches of the Ashen Combine by C.F. Villa. Check out Avengers #1 on May 17th, and get ready for the arrival of the Ashen Combine this July in Avengers #3!

Avengers | The Ashen Combine

AVENGERS #1 – 75960620426700111
Written by JED MACKAY
Art by C.F. VILLA
On Sale 5/17

AVENGERS #2 – 75960620426700211
Written by JED MACKAY
Art by C.F. VILLA
On Sale 6/21
Fall of the Impossible City

Written by JED MACKAY
Art by C.F. VILLA
On Sale 7/26

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Josh Speer
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