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Poor Ben. He's now on his third leap after he was supposed to go home, and it ain't easy trying to process everything that happened while trying to save a team of airmen in enemy territory,...
Raymond Lee has hinted in interviews that there'd be a lot of huge changes in Quantum Leap's second season, which isn't surprising given that season one ended its arc pretty tidily... except for one thing: Ben was...

Raymond Lee teases Quantum Leap Season 2 and Reveals Who He’d Like to Leap Into

NOTE: This interview was conducted prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike. ***Mild spoilers for the first season of Quantum Leap ahead.*** Though the first season of Quantum Leap...

Quantum Leap Dials Up the Drama in a Character-Focused Kitchen Tale

It's weird to think of 2009 as "history," but technically it is, and Ben's leap this week takes him to Portland, Oregon to save...

Quantum Leap Delivers a Contemporary Feel-Good Sports Tale

The original Quantum Leap with Scott Bakula always wore its heart right there on its sleeve, and one of the things I love about...

Kevin Can F**k Himself Episode 8 Review: Fixed

In this finale of the first season of Kevin Can F Himself, we learn where true loyalties lie. Especially when it comes to attempted murder.

Kevin Can F**k Himself Episode 6 Review: The Grand Victorian

In sitcom fashion, a husband has to juggle two loves: his pride and his best friend. The only two things that keep his heart from working.

Kevin Can F**ck Himself Episode 5 Review: New Patty

In this episode, are you a Patty? Or are you a Paddy?

Kevin Can F**k Himself Episode 3 Review: We’re Selling Washing Machines

This third episode of "Kevin Can F**K Himself" brings more into the light of both Patty and Allison's plights and they do not go gentle into that good night.

Kevin Can F**k Himself Episode 2 Review: New Tricks

Surprises are not always a guaranteed hoot given this second lovely episode of Kevin Can F**k Himself.

Kevin Can F**k Himself Episode 1 Review: Living the Dream

In the first episode of Kevin Can F**k Himself (AMC) titled "Living the Dream", we take a look inside the lives of one couple that probably won't make the ranks of those "happy" couples: Kevin and Allison McRoberts.

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