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Organ Trail is a film about survival against bandits in the old frontier. A Review
The Picard Actress Olivia Youngers shares her Journey onto the show in this Exclusive Interview

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Series Finale Un-Boldly Goes Where Everyone Has Gone Before

Wellp, it's finally here: the end... or is it? "The Last Generation" is Star Trek: Picard's third and final season's tenth and final episode,...

‘Star Trek: Picard’ – Never Give Up, Never “Surrender”

In the 8th episode, the crew proves that Riker's not the only old man who can take a punch.

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Goes Light on Plot but Heavy on Reveals

The latest episode of #StarTrekPicard, "Dominion," was a step back from the thrills of the last few weeks but featured some fantastic performances. @StarTrekOnPPlus Let...

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Gets (Most of) the Gang Back Together

This week’s Picard managed to pack in Star Trek nostalgia and plenty of references, Easter eggs, and reunions. Read our review on how “The Bounty” handled all that and advances the plot.

Star Trek: Picard Treads Water While Dead in the Water

Last week, the Titan was left hurtling into the abyss, and a Changeling saboteur was revealed. This week's episode, "No Win Scenario", picks up right...

3 Wild Theories Following Star Trek: Picard’s Season 3 Premiere

Like with its previous two seasons, Star Trek: Picard kicked off its third and final season with an episode designed to set up the season...

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