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In this finale of the first season of Kevin Can F Himself, we learn where true loyalties lie. Especially when it comes to attempted murder.
Planning, no matter how hard we try isn't an exact science and when things go wrong, they REALLY go wrong.

Kevin Can F**k Himself Episode 6 Review: The Grand Victorian

In sitcom fashion, a husband has to juggle two loves: his pride and his best friend. The only two things that keep his heart from working.

Kevin Can F**ck Himself Episode 5 Review: New Patty

In this episode, are you a Patty? Or are you a Paddy?

Kevin Can F**k Himself Episode 4 Review: Live Free or Die

In this boys vs. girls routine, the boys drool... but honestly, the girls don't come out smelling like roses either.

Kevin Can F**k Himself Episode 3 Review: We’re Selling Washing Machines

This third episode of "Kevin Can F**K Himself" brings more into the light of both Patty and Allison's plights and they do not go gentle into that good night.

Kevin Can F**k Himself Episode 2 Review: New Tricks

Surprises are not always a guaranteed hoot given this second lovely episode of Kevin Can F**k Himself.

Kevin Can F**k Himself Episode 1 Review: Living the Dream

In the first episode of Kevin Can F**k Himself (AMC) titled "Living the Dream", we take a look inside the lives of one couple that probably won't make the ranks of those "happy" couples: Kevin and Allison McRoberts.

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