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Iron Maiden gets the illustrated treatment, compliments of collaborator Z2 Comics.
Artist and writer Peter Rostovsky’s debut graphic novel, Damnation Diaries, from Uncivilized Books, had a challenging road to getting printed. The horror comedy, a political satire, is about a sinner in Hell who, after 300 years,...

Cute and Colorful Kuroi Tsubasa Graphic Novel Arrives June 2

From indie publishers Ratalaika Games and Blackwing Gaming comes Kuroi Tsubasa, a vividly colorful graphic novel featuring Blackwing, a literal mini devil who escaped hell, and Kureha, an office worker who becomes his partner in vanquishing an evil shadow while helping people along the way.

‘Beyond The Demon, The Sea’ Review

If you are a comic book junkie like me, constantly sticking to the Big Two, Marvel and DC, can tend to get boring from...

How to Train Your Dragon: The Serpent’s Heir Co-Writers on Expanding the Dragon’s Universe with Dark Horse

Hiccup, Toothless, and the denizens of the Isle of Berk are headed to Dark Horse. Announced at New York Comic Con, the hit DreamWorks animation...

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