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The question of reality is nothing new, especially in the sci-fi landscape, but where many shows and movies treat it as a sinister, even selfish twist, this week’s Futurama takes a less dramatic approach. Granted, there’s...
Explovid-19 has hit New New York with a wave of uncontrolled rage - can Hermes and the power of Voodoo save the day?

Futurama Knows What You Did Next Xmas!

It's Xmas in August on the latest Futurama episode!

Futurama’s Online Cart Runneth Way Over in Related to Items You’ve Viewed

In the fifth episode of Futurama, we learn that Fry (Billy West who also provides the voice for the hydroponic Moon farmer) and Leela...

Futurama spits in the face of life, and it’s a good thing!

I’m going to start off by saying I hate Dune, which is what this episode is mostly a parody of, but with that being...

Futurama Goes West for Not the Best Episode

Get ready for shootouts, saloons, and back rooms!

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