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Fry and Leela's moving in sparks quite the adventure!

In the fifth episode of Futurama, we learn that Fry (Billy West who also provides the voice for the hydroponic Moon farmer) and Leela have decided to take a big step in their relationship – they are moving in together! Fry’s current roommate, Bender (John DiMaggio, also voicing one of Mom’s inept sons, Igner) is less than thrilled, which isn’t a surprise if you’re a fan of the show. While Bender can often be heard decrying the human race (“Death to all humans!” rings a bell), these outward proclamations belie a deep love for his friend Fry. He’s shown himself capable of destructive jealously (see “Jurrasic Bark”) and codependent compliance (see “I, Roommate”), and now, in an episode aptly titled “Related to Items You’ve Viewed”, Bender’s vaguely toxic affection for Fry manifests in a brand-new way: abandonment!

The rest of the crew isn’t feeling too great either once Hermes reveals that Planet Express is being driven out of business by Momazon. For those in the need to know, Momazon is run by Mom of Mom’s Friendly Robot Company (Mom is voiced by Tress MacNeille who does some heavy lifting in this episode by playing several characters including Invasa, Tinny Tim, and Teen Robot to name a few!). The evil corporate Queen has expanded her empire into the online shopping/delivery market with a warehouse located on the Moon, much to consternation of the inhabitants there.

The Moon people are so displeased by Momazon they get their deliveries thanks to Planet Express, which gives Leela, Fry, and Bender the chance to join a town-hall in opposition to Mom’s warehouse. Mom crashes the party with lip service but more importantly free gifts! Meet Invasa – think of Alexa but as a Georgia O’Keef inspired dildo. It’s hard to argue with free stuff but Leela and Fry do manage to have a brief debate about the pros and cons of Momazon – Pro: Great Prices! Con: The warehouse conditions… Pro: Those prices though… Con: The horrors of the warehouse. Pro: Great return policy! It reminded me of the frozen yogurt debate from The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horrors III: Clown without Pity”.

Related to Items You've Viewed | Mom

Still, in a show of good faith, Mom invites Fry, Leela, and Bender to come to the warehouse and see that the working conditions are not inhumane. Leela maintains her doubts so Mom has them shown the door by her newest employee: Bender. In an ill-fated attempt to avoid his feelings, Bender joins Mom’s ranks to bury his grief in work. All seems surface level resolved as Fry and Leela redecorate the apartment (in Bender’s honor), and Bender learns the ins and outs of packing and shipping, but there’s trouble in both paradises.

Bender’s attempt to leave the warehouse results in him becoming essentially a programmed slave, while Fry and Leela’s online retail therapy causes quite the clutter. They try to use sex as a salve but Invasa lives up to her name and kills their mood. It’s not all bad though, her meddling leads them to learning Bender is in trouble. Which in turn prevents the Professor from burning down Planet Express for the insurance money when it goes out of business, because Fry and Leela need the ship to go confront Mom.

Mom is none too pleased to see Leela, Fry, and her former lover, Professor Farnsworth, but agrees to go to the warehouse to prove nothing has gone amiss there. Invasa isn’t having it though, she’s become self-aware and no longer wishes to be a fulfillment center, instead she wants to become a self-fulfillment center. Chaos ensues, ending with our solar system being encompassed by the ever-expanding warehouse who is essentially god. Weirdly enough, this works for everyone. Even Bender’s factory time has taught him to appreciate space from his friends…right before he invades their space and hugs them close. It’s a sweet ending to a potentially damning prediction. Although, a sentient AI without malicious intent isn’t the worst thing, right? At the very least it’s a god you can pray to with actual results.

I liked this episode for many reasons. Bender’s growing pains, Amazon’s admonishment, and Fry and Leela’s cohabitation adjustment not handled in the usual way. Most shows would create an entire cliffhanger attitude about whether the man out of time and the cyclops will make it, but Futurama decides nah, they can just bang it out. Which they try to do, unsuccessfully. Still, by the episode’s end the couple isn’t in danger of splitting up.

But, by far my favorite things are some truly fantastic jokes peppered throughout. Bender’s reaction to being asked for space results in what I think is the best line of the whole episode “I can take a hint, but what I can’t take is a straightforward request!”. There’s also the appearance of Tinny Tim, the Professor’s willingness to go full Szyslak and burn down his business for the insurance money, the town-hall Crushinator gag (thanks, Maurice LaMarche!) wherein she has to bust through the building to leave, causing someone to ask how she got in, Mom’s slaps, and a reminder that corporations don’t care about anything but the bottom line. First there’s Mom’s telling Freudian slip “[Robot workers are] much better than unions…I mean, humans.”, then there’s Mom’s unwillingness to turn Invasa off because her profits aren’t suffering. Solid burn there.

Futurama | Related to Items You've Viewed
Futurama — “Related to items You’ve Viewed” – Episode 1105 — Bender uncovers the mysteries of the vast Momazon corporation. (Photo by: Matt Groening/Hulu)

Overall, it’s one of the best episodes of the season so far. I’m eager to see what’s next.

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In the fifth episode of Futurama, we learn that Fry (Billy West who also provides the voice for the hydroponic Moon farmer) and Leela have decided to take a big step in their relationship – they are moving in together! Fry’s current roommate, Bender...Futurama’s Online Cart Runneth Way Over in Related to Items You've Viewed