Sutton Foster Returns to the Small Screen Alongside Hilary Duff With TV Land’s ‘Younger’

Oh, you don’t recognize the name, Sutton Foster? I’ll forgive you (this time) because unless you’re a fan of musicals or were one of the ten people who watched Bunheads, she probably isn’t familiar. However, she’s in a new show on TV Land, so I’m imploring you to watch Younger.

Here’s the thing: Younger isn’t a very good TV show. I mean, who even knew TV Land was making original content? Not I. Foster plays Liza, a 40-year-old stay-at-home, recently divorced mom who wants to get back into the workforce. Typical struggles occur and Liza can’t get a job with a fifteen year gap in her work history. After being hit on by a 20-something man at the bar who thinks she is much younger (heh, titles), Liza’s friend convinces her to lie about her age and after a hair and make-up montage, voila! She gets a job in publishing. She befriends Hilary Duff who teaches the positively antique 40-year-old about Twitter and together they ride off singing into the sunset. There’s an abundance of clichéd jokes about old people and how women in each respective age range should look, act, dress their vaginas, etc. You know, funny stuff. Nothing in the show is innovative or engrossing.

Except Sutton Foster.

Known for Broadway shows such as Anything Goes, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Shrek the Musical, and Little Women, Foster deserves so much more than Younger. I could go on for hours about her Lorelai Gilmore-esque humor and wit, but I’ll spare you for now because you CAN STILL WATCH Bunheads over at ABC Family’s website.

So why am I pushing Younger so hard even when it seems so ridiculous? Well, my astute young friend, I want Sutton Foster in more things. If I support Younger and more viewers are exposed to the wonder that is she, then logic says Sutton Foster will be in more things. Ya dig?

Or so I naively hope that’s how things work.

Seriously, ABC Family, I’m still really bitter about Bunheads, especially with Pretty Little Liars still on air.

Sutton Foster Bunheads

Younger premieres on TV Land March 31st at 10/9C.

Jen Stayrook
Jen Stayrook
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