Supertrash: “Parasite Lost”/ “Wet Hot American Bummer

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in posting this week’s (i guess technically last week at this point) episode of Supertrash where Jen and I talk about Supergirl 4.05 “Parasite Lost” and Legends of Tomorrow 4.04 “Wet Hot American Bummer.” You can listen to the episode below!

Listen to “Supertrash: “Parasite Lost”/ “Wet Hot American Bummer” on Spreaker.

Time Stamps
Intro: 00:00
Supergirl: 00:50
Legends of Tomorrow: 34:55

Show Notes:


Strange Rooftop Long Shot


House of El Symbol on Kara’s medical monitors

James writing his editorial statement Supertrash

Legends of Tomorrow

Tala Ashe: TVLines Performer of the week 

Alyssa’s Dead of Summer Recaps

Zari and Sara being adorable 

Nick Zano’s Instagram post


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I’m not in tonight’s episode and there’s a valid reason behind it… Three months ago Leah gave birth to our second baby… She had a very complicated/stressful pregnancy that she handled with total strength and grace. Very long story internet short, our baby came into this world and went straight into the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit)… About 24 hours after arriving she needed a life saving surgery, one that required her to fight through 9 hours of surgery then another 2 hour emergency procedure after that surgery. She was a day old. We almost lost her in front of us but this baby girl is pure warrior queen and fought every single day. She spent little over a month in the NICU at #BCChildrensHospital where a team and I mean a literal team of extraordinary minds worked together daily to keep her alive. We are forever grateful to our surgeon Dr. Baird and the kindest, most caring, beautiful nursing staff that saw all of us at our worst and eventually at our best. Family, friends and our doula JoJo… Taking time off a tv show isn’t as easy as it sounds and there are so many moving parts in order to do so and if it weren’t for @gberlanti & @phil.klemmer being great human beings and family men themselves this experience could have been much different for my family. So I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Greg & Phil, thank my cast mates(slash)siblings for picking up scenes and losing days off, our production team piecing together the schedules and my crew for caring so much #Legendsfamily … Leah would ask me “are you hiding our daughter from the world?” The answer is obviously no but I had FEAR… She has been doing so well in recovery I was afraid of changing ANYTHING in the slightest way, including sharing her arrival… Today I decided to let fear go. She’s happy, healthy and loved. Welcome (3 months late) to the world baby girl.

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