‘Supergirl’ Season 1 Finale: Who is in the Pod?

Spoilers for the season 1 finale of Supergirl, “Better Angels.” 

Supergirl hasn’t been renewed for a second season yet, but let’s hope for the sake of our sanity CBS renews it soon so that we can appropriately assess who might be in the pod that crash-landed in the finale. Let’s go over what we do know from the finale and from interviews with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg. At the end, J’onn warns Kara to be careful near the pod, suggesting he sees or senses something dangerous in it. There’s a faint blue glow around the pod which could be the being inside or it could just be from the pod entering the atmosphere. Finally, Kara’s reaction to seeing who or what is inside is shock.

Kriesberg said in an interview with EW:

Obviously it’s our big cliffhanger of the season, so I’m not fully inclined to let everyone know who shot J.R. It’s an important character, and they’ll play an important role in season 2…The fans are going to be excited. It’s going to definitely shake things up for season 2.

Now, let’s get to the guesses.


This is the most obvious choice and for good reason. Supergirl has had to sidestep the Superman-sized elephant in the room all season. They even had to put him into a coma for the duration of the season finale just to escape his powers and ability to save Kara at a moment’s notice. They can’t show any more than a dark outline or boots because of what’s going on in the DCEU right now with the movies, but they could show his smaller, less powerful clone, Superboy.

Superboy would be the perfect addition to the Supergirl universe because he’s a clone created at Project Cadmus, that evil lair currently holding Jeremiah Danvers captive. If we judge him from Young Justice (which we should because that show is amazing), he’s naive but also a loose cannon of frustration and anger. Superboy isn’t and doesn’t want to be a Superman clone. He wants to be his own person, which is the perfect struggle for a growing Supergirl.

Miss Martian

This is more fantasy than the Superboy prediction because I’m sure the effects needed to make J’onn Jonzz look cool aren’t cheap and Miss Martian would need a similar treatment. Granted, she could walk around in human attire like uncle J’onn, and it would give him a deeper backstory, dealing with not being the last Martian. But really, I just want Miss Martian on the show. It’s already littered with female superheroes, WHAT’S ONE MORE, AMIRITE? Besides, if my thoughts on Superboy being a certainty for season 2 are correct, then we could get that adorable Young Justice Superboy/Miss Martian pairing and…

I just really miss Young Justice, ok?

Jeremiah Danvers

I imagine since the pod was so similar to Kara’s, it was at some point taken by Project Cadmus and maybe used to clone Superman’s DNA into Superboy. I know I am harping on the Superboy theory but it’s too good to pass up. That being said, if Jeremiah escaped in the pod to warn the world about Superboy and the dangers of him being controlled  by Cadmus, that would be quite the twist. We already have the precedent of a Danvers being able to fly the pod, so Papa Danvers could easily mimic his daughter’s ingenuity and escape Cadmus’s facility. Besides, it would add a funny/awkward, “Oh, we were just coming to save you” scene. If Jeremiah is in the pod, he’s likely a shell of his former self, tortured and pumped full of them nutritious Cadmus drugs.

Alura (Kara’s Mom)

I don’t actually think Kara’s mother survived the destruction of Krypton. It wouldn’t be the first time someone has come back from the dead in Kara’s life, and in the comics much of her family does survive the explosion, but it would feel too much like a tease to have Alura come back to Kara’s life. It’s better having Kara deal with the hologram of her mother’s former self and facing the issues with her Earth family for the time being, as much as it pains me to say because I loved having Laura Benanti on the show.

Krypto the Superdog

I mean, look how cute he is. It’s a long shot, but I needed at least five guesses for my list.

All in all, I think Superboy or Jeremiah are the most likely candidates, especially given the set up for Project Cadmus already. That being said, there could be other contenders. Or the pod could just be empty. Maybe it’s simply a skeleton. What do you think? Who is in the pod in the season finale of Supergirl?

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