6 Wild Theories About How ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Will End

A few predictions on how the show will end.

We’re nearing the end of Star Trek: Picard‘s third and final season, and the mysteries keep building up to what we’re sure will be an explosive conclusion! After watching last week’s episode, fellow Workprint writer Victor Catano and I have some theories. Well, mostly Victor. Anyway here they are below! Spoilers abound, so if you haven’t caught up to the sixth episode, “The Bounty,” yet, get outta here.

1. Wesley Crusher and the Travelers are the culprits

Victor: Do you want my wildest Picard theory? Wesley Crusher and the Travelers are behind it. It seems nuts to me that we’ve been talking about Bev’s new kid all season and mentioned Wesley one time.

Mary: Ooo true! Well, it’s pretty out there, but Wesley did pop in at the end of Season 2 of Picard, so who knows, he might make another appearance!

2. Deanna Troi is a Changeling

Victor: So do you think that’s really Deanna Troi in the Shrike or a changeling? My guess is Changeling, and Riker figures it out before betraying Picard.

Mary: Hmm I don’t know about that. For some reason I feel like none of the Next Generation crew are Changelings.

3. The Changelings need Picard’s DNA to hijack Frontier Day

Mary: The Changelings seem awfully keen on getting their hands on Picard’s genetic material — his son, his original body. For a moment, I thought it was because they needed it to imitate him but then I remembered that one imitated Sidney La Forge.

Victor: I’m unclear what the endgame for that is. I’m guessing they need Picard’s DNA to fool security scans at his big Frontier Day speech. Where “Picard” will denounce the Federation, reveal dark secrets, etc. And then set off a nuke or something.

Mary: That sounds like a solid theory to me! Though again, they were able to imitate plenty of other people without going through all this trouble, including Sidney, who’s still very much alive. But I guess that Changeling could have snatched her hair or something whereas Picard is synth now. I did like how they decided to bring that back.

Victor: Right, but Dr. Beverly made a big deal about saying how the Changeling had no DNA (which, I don’t think that’s how it works, but whatever). And I’d assume after all the changeling hullabaloo, whatever loyal Federation officers were in place would have amped up security to include a DNA scan.

Mary: Ah good point! I think you might have cracked it 🙂

4. Jack Crusher is possessed

Mary: Do you think Jack’s visions will have any ongoing significance? I hope there’s more going on there than a genetic disease. Part of me wonders if he’s possessed by a Pah Wraith.

Victor: I’m unsure. It feels like it has to mean something more than just “Jack brain crazy because Picard genes,” especially since it triggered him into becoming Jason Bourne when threatened. I would assume it’s the reason Vadic and her boss want Jack so badly.

Mary: Hmm, maybe he has some River Tam-like hidden combat abilities that they’re hoping to trigger? Could be…

Victor: More like they want what’s possessing him. Perhaps it’s some entity from the Changeling world, that Jack stumbled across on one of his medical treks? Maybe some kind of Changeling resistance leader that would put an end to the war.

5. Shaw will save the day

Victor: I’m sure Shaw will make a hero turn at some point. He totally geeked out about meeting Geordi, so he’s not all bad!

Mary: Hah that’s the one prediction I made at the beginning of the season that’s still feasible. Though I’d argue he already made his hero turn back in Episode 2, when, irritated as he was, he put his whole ship at risk for Jack. I guess you could call him an anti-hero at this point. Something of a jackass yet somehow on the right side.

6. The Federation is behind everything

Victor: I still think that one of my earliest predictions- that the federation is somehow at the root of this new changeling crisis—comes into play. I’m betting that Section 31—our new catch all for nefariousness—made an overture to the Changelings to create some trouble in order to get some secret weapons approved, and it got out of hand fast.

But no matter how it turns out, we’re just happy to have the old crew back for one last hurrah. 

Victor: I will say that this season is pretty much what I wanted from the Picard show all along. A Star Trek: The Next Generation reunion with all the crew I watched all through college! That’s really all I wanted. The plot is secondary.

Mary: Indeed, the TNG reunion is what we were all here for!

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