Satirical Comic “Justice Warriors” Goes Back to Press For 2nd Print Run

Bubble City has gone to Schitt...

AHOY Comics is at it once more with another crazy, satirical comic. Justice Warriors, by Matt Bors and Ben Clarkson, with colors by Felipe Sobreiro, is going into a second print run after a massively successful first run.

Not sure what Justice Warriors is? Just check out these sweet details:

JUSTICE WARRIORS follows two police officers, Swamp Cop and Schitt, who operate out of the world’s first perfect metropolis. Inside its protective shell, Bubble City enjoys equality, diversity, and prosperity—with no crime whatsoever. But outside the Bubble lies the Uninhabited Zone, a vast and densely populated slum where the majority of the mutant population actually lives.

Here’s what critics are already saying about Justice Warriors:

“Easily one of the most bizarre and memorable comics to come along in recent memory… This futuristic dystopia makes Judge Dredd seem normal.”—IGN

“Matt Bors’ comic book debut is everything you hoped for from the best political cartoonist of his generation. Teamed up with visionary storyteller Ben Clarkson, JUSTICE WARRIORS gives you searing satire, at least one hilarious moment per scene and unrestrained fury at the horrors before us. Read the scene that the NYPD literally brought to life!” — Spencer Ackerman, author of REIGN OF TERROR

Be sure and check out the full cover for Justice Warriors below. And be sure to pick up a copy while the second run is still available!

Justice Warriors | Cover

Josh Speer
Josh Speer
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