Pitch Please: The ‘Pitch’ Drinking Game

The only thing better than watching your favorite TV shows live, is watching your favorite TV shows live while playing a drinking game. That is why I have created Pitch Please: The Pitch Drinking Game.

I really love TV drinking games, because you get to make a game out of the repetitive aspects of a show that you both love and hate. And you know, it also involves drinking

Pitch Please: The Drinking Game

(Remember to drink responsibly!)

One Sip When:

  1. Mike touches or caresses his beard
  2. Mike talks about his aging body or bad knees
  3. A FoxSports broadcast comes on screen
  4. Eliot says anything
  5. Young Ginny is on screen
  6. Ginny says she just wants to be one of the boys/team
  7. Blip makes fun of Evelyn’s spending habits
  8. There is a baseball reference you do not understand
  9. When a character is holding a beer (courtesy of @originalkels)

Two Sips

  1. Evelyn and Blip are cute and adorable and are the definition of your couple goalsblip
  2. You want to slap Oscar

Drink through the entirety of:

  1. Any of Mike’s monologues or speeches
  2. Any of Al’s monologues or speeches

Finish Drink:

  1. We find out what the deal with Ginny’s brother is
  2. Ginny builds a field and the ghost of her father walks out of it


If you have any suggestions for new rules, feel free to write them in the comment section below!

Alyssa Berkowitz
Alyssa Berkowitz
Alyssa (TV Editor) likes long walks on the beach, Greek food, talking about television, watching a good sunset, and girls who wear glasses. Wait, this isn't a bio for OKCupid? Alyssa got her start recapping in college when her friends got tired of her constantly talking about TV and suggested she start a blog. The idea was if she wrote about TV she would talk about it less. Well her friends succeeded in one of their goals...she started writing about TV.

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