• Saya, pulls out her Samurai Blade across her face and strikes a fearsome pose.

    ‘Deadly Class’ Review – Season Finale: Sink With California

    Everything falls apart in Episode 10: Sink With California, the season finale of Syfy’s Deadly Class. Master Lin tries escaping the wrath of Diablo, the gang battles the murderous Fuckface family, and…

  • ‘The Magicians’ Review: Harriet Returns

    On The Magicians this week we learn of a new sinister group called Serpent, Harriet makes a return from the mirror world, The Monster tries to remember things, and Fen makes a difficult choice. Bloodw…

  • Supertrash: ‘Supergirl’ 4.14 “Stand and Deliver”

    This week on Supertrash Alyssa and Jen discuss episode 4.14 of Supergirl “Stand and Deliver.” It is safe to say that this wasn’t our favorite episode of Supergirl in the world, and w…

  • Dune

    ‘Dune’ Filming Begins

    Filming of the highly anticipated reboot to the science-fiction classic Dune begins at long last. The Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049, Arrival) helmed project is set to be shot in Jordan, Budapest…

  • The Avengers Assembling for Endgame

    Monomythic Screenwriting, Episode 9: Character

    In this screenwriting lesson, I discuss character: What are the different character archetypes using the Monomythic structure, what the difference is between wants versus needs of your character, and …

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‘Devil in The White City’ Picked up by Hulu

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‘Deadly Class’ Review – “Mirror People”

"Mirror People" executes well on every television front, blending everything we’ve built-up regarding our story, along with providing a good amount of depth.

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‘The Magicians’ Review: a Heist, a Party, and a Prison Break

In this week’s episode of The Magicians, Margo makes a deal, Quentin plays a high stakes card game, Penny 23 …

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‘Hanna’ Review

With a special 24-hour preview after one of the most boring Super Bowls in history, Hanna is the story about …

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Supertrash: ‘Supergirl’ 4.11 “Blood Memory”


This week on Supertrash Alyssa and Jen discuss episode 4.11 of Supergirl “Blood Memory.” While we absolutely LOVED Nia’s storyline in …

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The ‘Shadowhunters’ Season 3B Trailer is Finally Here


By the angel! Freeform has finally graced us with the season 3B trailer to Shadowhunters. Following the events from the …

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‘Deadly Class’ Review – “Snake Pit”

In ‘Snake Pit,’ King’s Dominion holds a dance. Meanwhile, Jurgen makes a tough decision, as friendships are soon tested. The …

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‘The Magicians’ Review: One Problem at a Time

In this week’s episode of Syfy’s The Magicians, everyone gets their old selves back, the dean comes really close to …

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‘Deadly Class’ Review – “Noise, Noise, Noise”

"Noise, Noise, Noise" does a solid job building up the world of the students, but left us feeling taken aback by how all over the place it was.

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‘The Magicians’ Review: A New World Order

In the season four premiere of Syfy’s ridiculously addictive modern fantasy, The Magicians, things have changed for Quentin and the …

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‘Wargroove’ Hits Switch, Xbox, and PC on February 1


Wargroove launches on February 1st on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, priced at $19.99.

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USA Renews ‘Suits’ for Ninth and Final Season

Suits Final Season

USA has renewed Suits for its ninth and final season.

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