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Supertrash Cast Minisode: Brittany Daily’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Set Visit

Necromancing the Stone

Hi Guys, and welcome to a very special Minisode episode of Supertrash! For this episode, we invited Brittany Daily (@B_Dailey13) …

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‘Shadowhunters’: Jordan Kyle and The Praetor Lupus

On this week’s episode of Shadowhunters, we meet Jordan Kyle, an enigmatic new character who becomes Simon’s roommate. We first …

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‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ Review: Season 2 is Wicked Fun

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Look away, look away! Season two of A Series of Unfortunate Events has returned, continuing the grim tale of the Baudelaire …

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In ‘The Magicians’ Season 3 Finale The Quest Goes Upside Down

On the season three finale of The Magicians, the questers finally make their way to the castle at the end …

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‘Ready Player One’ Review: Stunningly Saturated

Ready Player One

'Ready Player One' is a story about nerdish obsession over the 1980s and arcade style videogames,but none of this seems organically present.

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‘Shadowhunters’: What Is The Mark of Cain?


On Shadowhunters this week, Simon is dealing with the effects of the mysterious mark that the Seelie queen had branded …

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Supertrash Cast Legends “I, Ava”

Supertrash Legends

Hi Guys! Welcome back to Supertrash: Legends to discuss Legends of Tomorrow episode 3.16 “I, Ava”. Darhk was back this week, so …

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Netflix’s ‘Mute’: On Duncan Jones and Magnum Opuses


Let me clear: Mute is not Duncan Jones’ magnum opus. Not in the conventional sense, anyway. If anything, in his illustrious …

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‘Krypton’ Review: House of El Leaves Much To Be Desired

After coming off a strong pilot, Krypton‘s second episode, “House of El,” fails to deliver an entertaining story that failed to capture …

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‘Shadowhunters’: Meet Lorenzo Rey, High Warlock of Brooklyn

In this week’s episode of Shadowhunters, we meet the new High Warlock of Brooklyn, Lorenzo Rey, played by Javier Munoz …

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Supertrash Cast Legends “Necromancing the Stone”


Hi Guys! Welcome back to Supertrash: Legends to discuss Legends of Tomorrow episode 3.15 “Necromancing the Stone.” There was very little to …

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‘Krypton’ Review: The Origins of the House of El

Krypton, developed by David S. Goyer and Damian Kindler, takes viewers approximately 200 years before the birth of Kal-El, or as most know him - Superman.

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