• Supernatural: “Our Father, Who Aren’t in Heaven” Review

    Michael is back and holy fuck is it satisfying! It’s the episode we’ve been waiting for, for ten years: Michael (Jake Abel pulling double duty as the favorite son and the forgotten Winchester, er…Mill…

  • Supernatural: “Last Call” Review

    Tonight’s Supernatural introduces an old friend of Dean Winchester’s, deals outright with Sam’s God injury, and reinstates Cass as the cock-block of team Free-Will. Last episode we had Dean holding do…

  • A Beautiful day in the Neighborhood

    ‘A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood’ Review: It’s Okay

    Hank’s depiction of Mr. Rogers reminds us it’s all about processing our feelings and being okay.   Review The world is suffering, and it has been some time now. The environment is near a point of…

  • The Irishman

    The Workprint’s Movie Talk Episode 2: ‘The Irishman’

    In this episode of ‘Movie Talk’, Jad talks with his friend Rob about ‘The Irishman’. Specifically, their thoughts about the movie, and a bit of detail about the film’s hi…

  • Prodigal Son: “Silent Night” Review

    If you saw how your life was going to turn out in twenty plus years, and it wasn’t pretty, would you change your ways? Tonight’s Prodigal Son is entitled “Silent Night” but it feels more like A Christ…

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‘Rick and Morty’ Edge of Tomorty Review

Rick and Morty on another adventure with the family in the premiere Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat

In last night’s season premiere, ‘Rick and Morty’ parody the Edge of Tomorrow movie as Morty goes crazy about building …

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Supernatural: “Atomic Monsters” Review

Jensen Ackles has dressed up as both Batman and Robin (Red Hood respectively), and since he’s directing this episode, he’s …

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Doctor Sleep Review: The Shining sequel is a superhero movie

Doctor Sleep

‘Doctor Sleep’ is Ewan McGregor playing Obi-Wan Kenobi, as he mentors a uniquely gifted child while trying not to repeat …

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‘The End of the F***ing World’ Season 2: Review

End of the f***ing World Season 2

The End of the F***ing World continues the awkwardly funny, yet traumatic driven angst, by having each character own up …

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Prodigal Son: “Q&A” Review

Prodigal Son Q&A

Tonight’s Prodigal Son explores father-son and father-daughter relationships while plumbing the depths of a psychopath’s need for, and subsequent expertise …

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Joker: A Divisive Movie Accomplishes its Goal

Joker dances down the stairs

The latest film about the infamous villain takes an extreme approach to discuss issues, like mental illness and socioeconomic disparity.  …

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‘Daybreak’ Review – Why Adults Ruin Everything

Daybreak Team

A fun show that creatively takes on the post-apocalypse, Daybreak is a lighthearted approach to the end of the world …

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NYCC 2019 ‘Best of American Sci-Fi & Fantasy Series’ Panel

Best American Series

The Best American Sci-Fi Series Panel brings together up and coming writers, as well as current literary Sci-Fi &Fantasy giants, in one room to discuss the implications of their work and how it fits into the ever growing Sci-Fi & Fantasy genres.

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Prodigal Son: “The Trip” Review

It’s episode five and our show has finally decided to shake things up a bit. Get ready to leave the …

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For the Love of HaTeRocK: Part One.

This is a review of one of the most sensuous albums of all time, eclipsed by only Sade and Fleetwood Mac.

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NYCC 2019: Interview with Peter Hogan, Creator of ‘Resident Alien’

Dark Horse Resident Alien

We got to interview Peter Hogan, creator of the Resident Alien comic, about how he felt about his graphic novel …

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NYCC 2019 Interview: A Look Back at ‘Batman Beyond’ with the Cast and Crew

New York Comic Con brought back the cast and production team of Batman Beyond, including with actors Kevin Conroy, Will Friedle, Lauren Tom, director James Tucker, casting director, Andrea Romano, and writer-producer, Alan Burnett, to discuss their experiences with the show, and it’s legacy within the DCU, as well as pop culture in general.

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