NYCC 2022: The Women of Marvel Panel Discusses Upcoming Titles

The Women of Marvel panel had some fantastic information to share at NYCC.


At NYCC, fans got check out The Women of Marvel panel. Not only did it reveal several upcoming titles and the latest season of the Women of Marvel podcast, but it also featured women-led comics. Angélique Roché was joined by Digital Media Executive Director Ellie Pyle, Senior Editor Lauren Bisom, co-host Judy Stephens and writers Eve L. Ewing, Stephanie Phillips and Erica Schultz.

The Women of Marvel | Rogue and Gambit

These leading ladies discussed the theme for the Women of Marvel podcast, which returns on November 3rd. The theme this time will be The Super Power of Mentorship. But maybe you’re more interested in reading comics yourself? If so, please check out more details below.

The Women of Marvel | X23

Here’s some of the biggest announcements to come from The Women of Marvel panel:

  • The Women of Marvel anthology returns in March 2023 with the Women of Marvel #1 (2023) one-shot.
  • Rogue & Gambit #1, a limited series written by Stephanie Phillips, art by Carlos Gomez, on sale March 2023.
  • X-23: Deadly Regenesis #1, a 5-issue limited series written by Erica Schultz, art by Edgar Salazar, on sale March 2023.
  • Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain #1 written by Tini Howard, penciled by Vasco Georgiev, and cover by Erica D’Urso, on sale February 2023.
  • Marvel Unlimited’s Infinity Comics including:
    • X-Men Unlimited #56, by writer and artist Jason Loo, available October 10.
    • Marvel’s Voices: Nova #20 written by Terry Blas, art by Bruno Oliveira, available October 12.
    • Love Unlimited: Wolverine #19 written by Sean Kelley McKeever, art by Diógenes Neves, available October 13.
    • Avengers Unlimited #15, written by Jim Zub, art by Enid Balam, available October 11.
    • Marvel Unlimited’s T.E.S.T. Kitchen #3 returns tomorrow with an all-new issue by Michelin Star Chef Paul Eschbach. And just in time for Halloween, Marvel Unlimited will release a T.E.S.T. Kitchen Halloween Special on October 31.

The Women of Marvel | Wolverine

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Josh Speer
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