NYCC 2019: Castlevania Confirmed for Season 3

At NYCC 2019, Viz Media hosted a hasty panel about Castlevania on Netflix that was loaded with quick-fire questions and ended on a teaser clip of Season 3.

Castlevania on Netflix is one of the greatest game-to-television series of all time. An adaption of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse , the story follows the last Vampire Hunter of his clan, Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage), and his team up with the speaker and sorceress, Sypha (Alejandra Reynoso). Together, they reluctantly serve as heroes of Walachia, and in the process, awaken Dracula’s own son, the powerful vampire, Alucard (James Callis).

Determined to stop the bloodshed of Dracula’s army, the trio undergo trial and tribulation to find Dracula, fell his army of dead, and end his war of revenge against all of mankind.

The series is directed by Sam and Adam Deats, two brothers who are veteran directors and videogame story developers. It’s also written by the acclaimed Eisner award-winning writer, Warren Ellis.

Warren Ellis
Warren Ellis admits never playing the games helped his writing

The Castlevania Panel

Revealed during the panel, Ellis hadn’t played a videogame his entire life. Therefore, most of the Netflix adaptation are a mix of his original ideas set in the extensive lore filled universe established in the videogame. With special emphasis on creatures and combat by the creative team, as the Deats brothers confessed to allocating storyboards and concept art to various animation studios across the world. All of whom, collaborate on Castlevania.

If you’ve watched the show, you’ve likely taken away from the series its well-written drama, gory violence, and attention to detail. Yet, what’s rarely talked about is the comedy on the show. Which takes on a very Marvel approach to its dialogue.

This includes countless minutes of Belmont and Alucard bickering like two bitter elementary school rivals on the playground. Cursing at each other and consistently trying to one-up one another.

There are also plenty of moments of awkward comedy, such as when Sypha discovers great secrets of the Belmont family: an entire box of spells in the library dedicated to… penises.

The end of the panel revealed a funny teaser for Season 3, where Sypha exaggeratedly feigns and plays up how vulnerable and unfortunate she and Trevor are, as the couple drive a carriage along a forest filled with demons. Ones who are evidently stalking them. Unsurprisingly, Trevor sighs in dismay in the trailer, as it’s revealed this poor ruse is not the first time Sypha tried doing this with him.

This was the first real confirmation that the series has been picked up by Netflix for a third season. They also revealed a Season 2 Blu-Ray release in November.

The only drawback from the panel was that we were left uncertain as to whether or not Dracula would be featured next season. It would be a surprise given how the story had wrapped by Season 2’s end, though actor Graham McTavish seemed more than enthused about wanting to continue the iconic role.


You Can Watch Castlevania on Netflix

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