New Daredevil Comic Series Begins This Summer

Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checcheto reunite to begin a new daredevil comic series in June

Known for their transformative take on the man without fear, this Eisner-nominated run on Daredevil reunites! As this superstar creative team will turn their gaze to a future full of peril and pain, in this explosive beginning of an all-new era for Hell’s Kitchen’s guardian devil. 

The series will pick up after the events of DEVIL’S REIGN, re-examining what is left of Daredevil and whom amongst them is left to pick up the pieces of what remains? In this series, both Matt and Elektra’s stories deal with the cost of being Daredevil. With new enemies making their debut, and major changes happening to the series, marking for one of the darkest iterations of Hell’s Kitchen to date.

“Matt and Elektra have confronted their past mistakes with DEVIL’S REIGN and WOMAN WITHOUT FEAR, but can they atone for them together?” Zdarsky said.  

“It’s the first time that I’ve to draw the first issue of the same series twice. I could tell you it’s an issue like everyone else, now, but it’s not,” Checchetto said. “Each time I’ve to draw a new script of Daredevil it’s a new experience. Chip keeps throwing at me new challenges and I’m not the type of artist to refuse them. How much more can we mess up with Matt Murdock’s life? Let’s see with this new Daredevil #1.”

“This is the start of our fourth year on the title! And the plan for it is about as big a swing as we could possibly take,” Zdarsky added. I’m super excited for readers to see where we’re taking our Daredevils!”

Don’t miss the shocking twists and the dramatic developments Zdarsky and Checchetto have in store for Hell’s Kitchen when DAREDEVIL #1 hits the stands this June! For more information, visit


Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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