‘Lost Girl’ Recap: When God Opens a Window

Lost Girl
Season 5, Episode 4: “When God Opens A Window″
Air date: May 8, 2015
Grade: B+

This week’s episode of Lost Girl was full of unexpected moments that left me feeling disconcerted. Why, you might ask? Well, because of one major Bo event that’s basically shattered my hopes for Team Dyson, that’s why.

A new character, Mark, is introduced as a young runaway who’s being chased by a hunter everywhere he goes. He seems a little reminiscent of Bo and Kenzi, a street-smart grifter who’s had to survive on his own with no family. He shows up at Bo and Tamsin’s doorstep and explains that he doesn’t know what kind of fae he is and that he’s being hunted by the same person that killed his mom when he was six years old. Poor lamb. Bo is falls for his sob story but they soon find out that Mark’s robbed them.

Lost Girl
Bo and Tamsin try to work out their roommate issues.

When the duo manages to confront him, Bo gets shot with an arrow and Mark takes off again. This is no ordinary arrow though as Tamsin kisses Bo to help heal her but it doesn’t work and the wound keeps re-opening. An awkward moment ensues when Lauren walks in and catches them mid-kiss. But good timing on the doctor’s part because she’s finds the equivalent of fae kryptonite in Bo’s wound, a parasite that also acts as a tracker.

They find Mark at The Dal where he’s trying to swindle some people out of their money. This time though, they work together and lay out a trap to snare the hunter themselves, which actually works. Lauren’s new self-defense skills are put to use when she pumps the hunter with tranquilizer shots and then does the same to Mark after the younger fae tried to kill the other man. When the hunter comes wakes up, Bo asks him to explain himself and he tells her that Mark and his kind massacred his family and that’s why he’s been chasing the kid. The succubus then goes back her place and tells Mark what the hunter had said and he admits to biting the guy’s ear off but he it happened right after the man murdered his mom. He was so scared that was all he could do and then flee for his life. Bo this entire time has been feeling drawn to him and she finally acts on it.

When she wakes up though he’s gone again and she realizes that he must have gone to Lauren’s lab to kill the hunter for good. He’s stopped though by Dyson who bursts in and says that Mark is a shifter who hasn’t shifted yet. He tells the hunter to go while he stops the younger man from going after him because the cycle of violence needs to end. The hunter may have killed Mark’s mom but their kind slaughtered his family.

What’s Dyson been up to this whole time? Working a case with a returned Vex, of course! They’re investigating the murders of three people with strange markings on them. Dyson thinks that it must be related to the three bodies that disappeared from Lauren’s lab in the last episode and of course he’s right! The killings turn out to be some kind of ritual sacrifice for purification that sprung from ancient Greek paganism. Which is another big clue that we’re dealing with some fae that must have been worshiped as Greek gods in the past.

Lost Girl
Dyson and Vex are on the case!

With Vex back in town, there is a powerful scene between him and Dyson where the shifter is naturally livid over Vex’s relationship with Massimo, the man who killed Hale last season. Vex actually seems sorry for the whole thing but he loved Massimo like a son and regardless of what happened it didn’t change his parental love for the guy. Who would have guessed that Vex was more capable of selfless love than Evony, Massimo’s real mom. This exchange will bite Dyson in the ass since soon after he realizes that Mark is in fact his son.

And that my friends is the big what-the-hell-is-going-on moment because that means Bo slept with both father and son. I’m cringing so hard for the succubus because while she’s already made out with her stepmom, this is the kind of thing that will forever change the nature of Bo and Dyson’s relationship. While it was accidental, it hits her that the reason she was so drawn to Mark was because he reminded her of Dyson. I don’t know if they could ever come back from that. Sigh. Bo makes Tamsin promise never to tell Dyson what happened and she admits that she thought she and the shifter would (possibly end up together)? She doesn’t finish her sentence and the valkyrie adds that she thought so too but they were good as friends though. Noooooooooooooooo!!!! Dammit Bo and her urges!

Dyson tries to get Mark to stay but understandably he’s pissed off that his dad was never there for him or his mom. The werewolf says that Piper (Mark’s mom) never told him that she was pregnant and so he didn’t know. His pleas fall on deaf ears though and Mark takes off. Dyson drowns his feelings by drinking and the hunter returns, appearing outside The Dal. Amazingly, Vex shows up and we get the sense the two have found some common ground and are actually working together. The Mesmer holds the hunter still while Dyson gives into his dark urges and rips the guy apart.

Lastly, poor Evony is still waiting for her serum to change her back to her glorious Morrigan self and puts some added pressure on Lauren by leaving a dangerous old fae in the lab like her own personal storage unit.

This was an interesting turn of events as Tamsin and Bo seem to be finally learning to live and work with each other, Dyson and Vex finding something in common, and Lauren continuing to be a badass in her science-y ways. I definitely wasn’t expecting to find out that Dyson was a dad, but it was nice to see his character change from the experience. However, him thanking Bo for watching out for Mark and that he could use a big sister just added another nail in the coffin of Team Dyson. Sigh. I’m sure we’ll see Mark again at some point this season…or not, hopefully.

Lost Girl airs Fridays 10/9 central on Syfy.

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