‘Killjoys’ Review: Disappearing Act

In this week’s episode of Killjoys, Team Awesome Force and the warden try to save the supermax.

A Prison Takeover Gone Wrong

In the aftermath of Sparlo and Coren’s move to take over the supermax, Team Awesome Force is in awfully tricky situation. Firstly, John comes upon the wounded warden in one of the hallways and he helps her out, seeing her as a good resource to get top level access to the prison’s mainframe so he can get word to Dutch and D’av as well as Zeph back in Old Town. He tricks one of the other prisoners into giving him his gun and the warden is suitably impressed. Johnny even patches her up and the two make their way to her office. Once inside she ends up giving him full access and he learns that the Herks is equipped with a full on cloaking device since the ship used to belong to smugglers.

Meanwhile, Dutch and D’av must deal with Sparlo and crazy Coren. The former assassin makes a number of strategic moves this episode, initially she agrees with Coren that they should ransom the Qreshi siblings in order to have the funds to feed the prisoners. Originally, the uprising plan was to get the hells out of the J it turns out. Dutch sees that there is clearly a disagreement between the two criminals and uses it to her advantage. She then manages to convince them that she is their best option in hostage negotiation because as a Killjoy she’s dealt with Qreshi a lot. She’ll pretend to be the warden and explain that they lost control over one sector of the supermax during the Bellaxion. After Dutch changes into the warden’s clothes to look the part, she is able to persuade Sparlo that the Qreshis aren’t going to let them leave this place alive and asks what’s stopping Coren from slitting his throat once he gets what he wants. The Killjoy suggests she give back the hostages without a ransom or questions, he takes out Coren and then they go home. Sparlo comments however that he there’s no going home for him, but she counters not as a criminal perhaps but what about as a hero? The man appears to agree to it and she takes the call with the Qreshi security head.

D’av in the meantime convinces Coren to let him look for Evi Robbel because he has the signal receiver she gave that he can use to trace it back to her. The psychotic criminal agrees and has one of his goons go with the Killjoy. Sparlo and Dutch return to the common area and updates the group that their people will dress up as a guards during the exchange and then once that’s concluded they are out of there. Coren says that he needs Dutch for the negotiation and D’av to find the heiress and so the only person he really doesn’t need is Sparlo. He then shoots the other man in cold blood. The former assassin is shocked momentarily but quickly controls her emotions and says what’s done is done and they need to get on with it. Sparlo’s right hand man does the same thing and asks his new boss what’s their next move. The two men dress up as guards and escort Dutch to meet the Qreshi security team.

Dutch tells Coren that his ask is too high and that the Qreshi won’t go for it. Mace agrees and reveals that he himself is from a Qreshi noble family (because every house has a black sheep). Too late however as the security team arrives and the Killjoy posing as the warden makes some small talk and says that the criminals want one million and safe passage. But before she can add anything else Captain Pike interrupts and informs her that should be fine, he just needs to talk to his people first. As the man leaves with his squad, Coren is pleased as pie but Dutch knows something isn’t right because that was way too easy.

We next discover that it was indeed fishy because John and the warden seen that one of the Qreshi security guards planted a fusion bomb on the ship via a surveillance feed. The two work together and manage to disengage the device. Once back in the office, Nucy volunteers to go into the Herk’s mainframe to take control of the communications system so that he can help his friends. The AI is able to do so just in time as Dutch ends up in a gun fight with the Qreshi security team (Nucy informs her that she is in danger over the loudspeaker because explosives have been planted on the ship). She tells Coren that the Qreshi aren’t here to negotiate but to make sure the Robbels don’t get out alive. One guard is left behind and the other two get the hells out. The former assassin sees her chance and she attacks Coren with Mace dealing the death shot to avenge Sparlo’s killing.

Dutch runs into Johnny and the warden and he tells her that the other woman is on their side-ish. Nucy then announces that she’s detected other spots where explosives were placed but also that five men are heading towards the personal quarters where D’av and the Robbels are being held. The warden tells John that she’ll take care of the bombs so he can save his friend. Dutch asks why they should trust her and he says for starters Rennicka hasn’t tried to kick him off the ship. She protests that she was trying to get him out so that he could send a message of Zeph. He counters that they are on a floating satellite and he could easily press the send button. The warden quickly takes herself out of this private matter by taking care of the bombs and suggests that they figure their crap out before their friend dies. Dutch comments after that John is also really good at icing her out. She adds that she was there too and remembers what their fake life had been like, but he hasn’t even asked her once how she’s been feeling about it. So yes, she did try to send him away because it was easier to have him gone than him to be there and not be her friend.

D’av does find Evi who is hiding inside a laundry bin through the signal receiver. The Killjoy reveals to Sylas that his sister gave him the device in order to murder him. They are taken to an office to await further instructions with the siblings bickering the entire time. D’av ends up telling Evi to fall over while the other inmate is distracted trying to reach Coren and Mace. The elder Jaqobis brother tries to convince the dude to help because they can’t lose a hostage. He then manages to take the man out. As Evi debates killing her brother as she is now in possession of a weapon, Nucy informs D’av that three members of the Land Robbel security force were on their way there to kill them all. The Killjoy tells the siblings that their uncle has been using them against each other so that he can head the house and suggest they team up instead. Thankfully though, John and Dutch arrive to take out the kill squad. Nucy interrupts the reunion to let them know that an orbiter class cruiser has entered the area and Dutch knows it’s the armada.

Khlyen Finally Finds Pree

Khlyen in the meantime has told Gared what’s been happening in Westerley and how if he wants to save Pree he needs to switch out his id because this is his last chance. This action will enable the other man to listen in on conversations Pree has. Khlyen achieves this by manipulating Gared into doubting his man.

When the two men meet and have a moment alone, Gared reveals that he told Cindy about their relationship and that it’s over with her. When Pree asks what brought this on, his partner responds that if he wants to have a good life then he should be honest with the people he cares about. Pree doesn’t say anything more when his id beeps and he comments that a new warrant is in and that he’s going to go freshen up. This gives Gared the opportunity to reluctantly pull the switch.

Pree then heads over to Zeph’s hideout and finds her with Fancy. She’s asked Fancy to come over to help her identify some lab equipment that may be a wee bit stolen. Quickly she douses the former Hullen soldier with a spray (that she’s been working on) that does a memory wipe. It appears to work as Fancy suddenly doesn’t know who he is or who they are. The scientist explains to Pree that she’s figured out a way to replicate The Lady’s water delivery system and that means they can’t be controlled anymore. Khlyen however is listening in on their entire exchange onboard the armada. Zeph then receives Johnny’s message detailing that Team Awesome Force is at the Herks Supermax but Qreshi security forces have rigged the ship to explode.

He decides to take the armada to the prison ship worried for his daughter’s safety. The Lady arrives at the cockpit pissed off that he’s set this course. Khlyen explains that his informant within the rebellion provided information that the Qreshi have planted bombs on the supermax and plan to destroy it. However, what they don’t know is that Team Awesome Force has come up with a sneaky plan. They put the fusion bombs on the Robbel security force’s ship making it seem that it was moving away and then having both it and the supermax explode. But in actuality the prison activated its cloaking device so even the Hullen armada cannot detect them. Poor Khlyen is devastated thinking he’s lost Dutch.

Meanwhile Fancy’s true memories are restored and while he and Pree are out at Old Town, guards that are still under The Lady’s control come after them. Fancy tells the other man to run but he personally ends up getting caught.

A Trip For Two

As Jaq gets to know his DNA mom for the first time, he asks her if she was scared when the green was dying. Aneela answers that she was but Khlyen put her back in the one place that was safe, the cube, and then he found her. The young man then says now they need to sneak back into the Quad to save his dad but they’re going to need money. Aneela is confused about it and Delle Seyah tells Jaq to go on ahead as she tells her lady love that they needed Dutch’s DNA to free her and so that involved some kissing. As the two women share a smooch themselves Aneela pushes away when she realizes that Delle Seyah is human again, while Delle Seyah figures that the other is still Hullen. Well how is that possible when the green was destroyed?

At a trading camp, Delle Seyah discovers that Aneela had only booked passage for two people to Westerley, though they find out that no one is allowed on the planet at the moment and the closest they can get to is Leith. Pissed, Delle Seyah slaps down some money and says three for Qresh and they’ll take it from there. The trader though says the deal is for two and tells them to figure it out and then come find her. The former head of the Nine is pissed that Aneela would change their plans without telling her with Aneela saying this is very human of her. But just then a local ruffian arrives saying that Delle Seyah cheated during their game through Jaq. The man accosts her and an angry Aneela gets involved herself with a swift kick that sends the man sprawling to the ground. She proceeds to say that if he touches her family again she will feed him his own skin and the human filth wants to test her she will put her foot so far up his ass that he’ll taste her ancestors boots. This sends the goons scurrying away and Jaq saying to the folks proudly, “That’s my mom!”

As the family of three are walking the road along, Aneela tells Delle Seyah to carry Jaq’s bag because she needs to speak to him and the other woman loses her cool, throwing chunks of dirt. The two finally have an angry talk where Delle Seyah thinks Aneela doesn’t want her anymore because she is human, but the truth is that Aneela is scared that Delle Seyah will think she’s a monster because she isn’t human. But then the Hullen female realizes that her lady hasn’t changed with the former leader of the Nine adding that in her younger years she was even worse than she is now. The two reconcile with Aneela telling Jaq to leave because she’s about to get some sexy time with her mom. Delle Seyah then asks though if the other woman wasn’t mad at her then why just two tickets and her son answers that he’s the one who is staying behind.

Aneela puts Jaq inside the cube so that The Lady cannot get to him and he’ll be safe.

Dutch and Johnny Work It Out

Back inside a prison cell, Johnny reveals to Dutch that what’s been bothering him isn’t their fake romantic relationship together but that he enjoyed not being shot at and he was scared that if he wasn’t a Killjoy he would lose what they had as friends. She ends up proposing that for one year he is taking a Killjoy sabbatical and if at the end of it he has something better, she is going to personally fire his ass. He can go to his farm and find someone to make sausages with but he’s never going to lose her.

D’av then comes in and says the prisoners are waking up. The warden makes a surprising move by telling the inmates that they are all still alive thanks to Team Awesome Force.

Final Thoughts

  • Thom Allison has the most gorgeous eyes that no human being should have.
  • Fancy asking if he is a scientist too because he feels smart might just be the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a long time.
  • How is Aneela still Hullen when the green was destroyed? Had she consumed so much of it its permanently altered her even though the source was gone? What about Khlyen?
  • Jaq’s look of total confusion as he watches his two moms get turned on by each other’s evilness is hilarious.
  • It’s a relief that Johnny and Dutch have finally talked out their feelings, the effect on their relationship was the hardest part of The Lady’s nefarious plans to watch.
  • Seeing Khlyen devastated with the belief that Dutch died is really touching and makes me believe that he himself is human and no longer Hullen.


Killjoys airs Fridays at 10/9c on Syfy.

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