It’s a Showdown in the ‘Killjoys’ Season 4 Finale

In the season four finale of Syfy’s Killjoys, the big showdown between Team Awesome Force and the Lady takes place inside the green and all hell breaks loose in the aftermath.

With Aneela in Dutch’s body and Dutch in the green, the Jaqobis brothers are forced to work with the woman they once viewed as enemy number one and it’s not exactly friendly. She tells them however that she needs to get to the active green pool in order to get Dutch out and destroy the Lady once and for all. They leave Westerley and head for her armada where Turin and what’s left of the R.A.C. are currently residing. Once on board, the trio make their way to Zeph’s lab where the scientist quickly realizes that “Dutch” is acting strange. Turin bursts in and explains she’s Aneela and he’s here to make her pay for her crimes having realized earlier who she truly was. Johnny and D’av though can’t allow the other man to kill her because they need her to get their teammate out of the green. As a compromise, the elder Jaqobis brother has Zeph give Turin the spore so that if they aren’t able to accomplish their mission he can still use it to kill the green and anyone connected to it.

Once the older man agrees to it, Johnny informs Aneela that he is going with them after the Hullen leader first said that she only needed D’av to enter green space with her because he is the one who can distract the Lady long enough for her to get them all out. Incidentally, we also learned during a conversation between Zeph and Aneela that the plasma works on a subatomic level akin to radio waves and the much older woman can manipulate the frequency mentally, which is how she is able to pull people in and out of the green (despite being in Dutch’s body and not her own). Meanwhile D’av wants to bring a gun but is told that all he needs is his abilities. Aneela explains to both men that the Lady is going to use their worst memories and weaknesses against them and so they must be prepared. She then pushes the elder Jaqobis brother into the plasma and he then wakes up shirtless inside Lucy. He is now reliving the scene when he went into universal soldier mode and was beating the crap out of Dutch. Eventually he is able to snap himself out of it though and realizes that this isn’t real and runs off to look for the real Dutch.

In the meantime, Dutch inside Aneela’s body is running around trying to bait the Lady to engage her when she comes upon a red box in the forest that she believes Khlyen left. When we see her next, she and Aneela have returned to their respective selves. The Hullen leader asks the Killjoy what’s in the box and Dutch says that it was empty, but she thinks her mentor meant it for his daughter. When Aneela opens it inside is an apple. She tells the other woman then to find the Jaqobis while she’ll keep the Lady occupied.

D’av is able to meet up with Dutch in the forest and he asks how he can be sure it’s really her. She gives him a big passionate kiss and that convinces him. They still need to find Johnny however and his brother figures out where he could possibly be. Baby bro is of course reliving his own worst moment which is Pawter’s death at the hands of Delle Seyah. He is able to stop the killer Scarbacks and takes Pawter outside of The Royale, insisting that they need to keep moving. It’s such an emotional moment for Johnny as he realizes that his love is actually still dead and that this isn’t real. The Lady wearing Pawter’s face (so amazing to have Sarah Power back even for just one episode!!) tells Johnny that this can be as real as he wants it to be and that he can just stay in here and love her forever. When he addresses the entity and asks what it wants, she says that she wants their memories. It’s apparently something that her own kind doesn’t have. The Lady explains that she wants something deeper that allows humans to remember connections to their past and to imagine their future. It’s what makes them so unique and vulnerable at the same time. Thankfully though, D’av and Dutch soon arrive and are there to provide emotional support as Johnny is forced to walk away from fictitious Pawter asking him to not to let her die again.

The trio then make their way towards Aneela and the Lady (who currently looks like Delle Seyah) but are temporarily blocked by Ferans with guns. Team Awesome Force then imagine themselves in the R.A.C. to get their own firepower. Once they return, a gun battle commences but they still appear to be out numbered. D’av then uses his Force-like abilities and says enough, dispelling the imaginary foes from their path with his ferocious poo face.

Meanwhile, the Lady has taken Aneela to the hidden chamber, the real one which currently resides inside the hidden planet that Dutch had visited and met the original Yalena, Khlyen’s wife. We find out that the Lady’s people had been ancient while she herself had been young and something happened that caused her to be the last of her kind. Then she discovered the original plasma pool. It was a way for nothing to be lost and everything to be remembered. Aneela realizes that the Lady is actually just a memory and that she only exists in the green now. That is some crazy stuff to have a being so powerful that even the lack of a physical form she is able to control the plasma and the Hullen to do her bidding. The Lady says that she just wants the same thing everyone else wants. She offers Aneela a chance to join her outside the green because she has big plans. As D’av, Dutch, and Johnny come closer the Lady makes her final offer to the other woman, getting her family back.

As the three Killjoys enter the ruins where Dutch, Aneela, and Khlyen once hid, D’av gets separated from them and then gets mind interrogated by the Lady (who now looks like the original Yalena). She’s trying to figure out where Jaq is but it’s a good thing he had that memory removed earlier. The Lady says that finding the heir is not for her, but for Aneela. She also adds that the other woman accepted an offer and Dutch’s doppelganger says that she’s going to get her family back – but not Khlyen or her mom, but Delle Seyah and Jaq. The Killjoy begs Aneela to reconsider and not to trust the Lady who wants to kill all of them. Their nemesis proclaims she just wants more time, more life, and a family of her own just as every living creature does. It’s a tense moment as Aneela apologizes, her parting words to Dutch to remember that she was here and she mattered.

The door to the hidden chamber closes and Johnny begins to angrily rant about how screwed they are and how the Lady will probably use the spore on the green just to spite them once she gets out. Dutch then realizes that Aneela meant for her to remember that in the real world she had been in this very chamber. She is then able to generate the deadly cylinder from that memory and hopes that Aneela is stalling for time for them to complete this mission. Dutch tosses in the spore into the green pool and the inner world begins to collapse. Outside the Lady asks what the other woman did because the pathways in and out are apparently open now. Aneela gleefully says maybe but she’ll make sure she never ever gets out. The two then engage in some good old-fashioned hand to hand combat. As the trio arrive, the find only Aneela slowly getting back to her feet and telling them they need to hurry. They all run and the camera pans to a wall where the real Aneela is unconscious. Oh crap! As she comes to the world around her is crumbling and she whispers papa with Khlyen then appearing behind.

Back on the armada, Dutch, Johnny and D’av have all made it out of the plasma just as the pool turns clear. The leader of Team Awesome Force stares at her own reflection desperately hoping that Aneela makes it out that just as she puts her hand over the surface another hand grabs it from the water.

In the next moment we see Johnny and Dutch cuddled in bed and he tells Yala that they’ve got to get up. They look to be inside The Royale with Yala as the bartended and Johnny her doting husband who works at the local plant. When Johnny steps outside, we see a much longer haired Turin who’s still surly as ever and Gared who appears to work along the younger Jaqobis at the plant. He accidentally runs into D’av (who is still a Killjoy) and they don’t seem to know each other. Dutch comes out with Johnny’s lunch and D and D give each other a flirtatious smile. We then see D’av’s comm and there is a warrant for Jaq Kin Rit whom he has also has no clue is his son. There is a voice over of a young girl saying that memories are not just where you’ve been but who you are and if I own that I own you and now that I am out I will own everyone. This isn’t just Old Town, but the Lady controlled version of it. There are tall buildings with ominous green smoke pouring out and a creepy little girl that looks to be possessed.

So obviously the Lady got out of the green and is now controlling a lot of people. The second storyline in this episode was the children that had been kidnapped from Westerley. We finally discover that they were used for very diabolical purposes, the spreading of some kind of disease. A majority of Old Town’s population got it and Zeph had to come up with an antidote or else the Nine were going to blast the settlement to bits to keep the virus from spreading. While the scientist was able to come up with a cure, there was a very unexpected result. She first tested it on Pree and when his fever went down he suddenly had no idea who Gared was. Nooooooooooo!!! This started happening to all the others and eventually even to Zeph herself. Initially the sickness put people in a coma though everything else was fine. So the Lady truly did want people’s memories and she had the Hullen bioengineer a nasty way to take it from humans. As she mentioned earlier, memories allow man to imagine their future and there must be some connection to that and Jaq’s unique ability to remember things that will happen in the future. The Lady must have a greater purpose for him than just as the first half Hullen born into the universe.

Next season will be the final one and it’s promising to be one hell of a ride to the very end. The preview shows us some intense scenes including Dutch beaten up, D’av pulling a gun at her, Johnny and Dutch kissing, an unknown woman screaming, and Delle Seyah with her glorious hair down shooting someone. It’s going to be so much fun to see this alternate life for all our favorite characters and whether or not they will be able to tell that something isn’t right with life.

Season four took us deep into the rabbit hole and now the good guys will face their biggest battle yet. I am though going to miss Aneela and hope she somehow managed to survive. She and Delle Seyah are simply great together and even she deserved a better ending. Yes, she killed a lot of people but in her final moments she tried to do the right thing. We saw so many new sides of Johnny, D’av, Delle Seyah, Zeph, Pip, Dutch, Aneela, and even Turin. Killjoys continues to bring audiences crazy plot twists, exciting and unexpected narratives, kick ass action, awesome visual effects, and razor sharp dialogue. The actors really brought their A game this season and we were moved to laugh, cry, and rejoice with them.

It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to this show next year but until then, bring out the hok to get us through the hiatus!


Killjoys airs on Syfy Fridays at 10/9c. Relive all the epic moments from seasons 1 – 3 now on VRV.

Nicole C
Nicole C
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