In the Season 2 Finale of ‘A Discovery of Witches’ Diana and Matthew Leave the Past

In the final episode of A Discovery of Witches season 2, Diana and Matthew meet an unexpected visitor as they tie up loose ends in London while a gathering at Sept-Tour ends with dire consequences.

Another Weaver Arrives in 1591 London

Diana continues training with Goody Alsop as she works on mastering the final knots in order to return to the present. She seems to have a bit of trouble with it though as she’s really begun to settle into life during this time. During a session, Goody tells the younger witch that another weaver has arrived (having felt a presence) which surprises Diana having thought they were the only ones left. They are to wait though until the newcomer make themselves known as this arrival is no accident.

As Matthew and Diana are making their way home, she stops by a small alleyway to purchase a new book for Jack. As his wife is browsing, the vampire suddenly notices the smell of coffee in the air prompting Diana to disagree because coffee won’t arrive there for decades. He quickly says time walker and moves to find the individual. Luckily the person was just a few steps away and when Matthew demands to know who he is, the witch recognizes the other man as her father Stephen Proctor. That makes sense that she would get her time walking abilities from a parent.

The three return to the couple’s home where Stephen seems a bit cagey at first to reveal why he’s there. He eventually reveals that he’s there to look for an alchemical book, Ashmole 782. Diana tells her dad that they have it and shows him the manuscript. Unfortunately, she has been unable to read it likely due to the damage from the three ripped pages. She adds that there was a strange image of the tree of life and one of two dragons shedding their blood, with Matthew adding that it was one of the pages sent to his wife in the future. Stephen reveals that had been postmark from Jerusalem and arrived out of the blue, which he assumed were from Jewish witches. Diana wonders if it could have been from Rabbi Loew. The anthropologist comments that he thought he’d be able to study the book but it’s a shame that his daughter is unable to read it. The vampire though explains that the genetic material in the book could hold all sorts of answers and its importance goes beyond research as power creatures are looking for it. Diana tells Stephen that Peter Knox is also one of them and her father answers it’s a good thing he doesn’t know there’s dark magic in it because the other man is apparently obsessed with it.

While Diana returns Ashmole 782 in its hiding place, Stephen lectures Matthew about staying too long in the past. He admonishes them for adopting a child and stealing a book from the Hapsburg emperor. Her father says that they broke the rules of time walking, to observe and not participate. They need to go and leave the book behind as he only intendeds to study it during this time. Diana disagrees that the book must come with them so that they can find the missing pages and for Matthew to analyze its DNA. But Stephen insists that she cannot time travel with a powerful object she doesn’t understand. The two have already messed with history.

Diana takes her father to meet Goody Alsop and on their way to the other witches’ home they chat about knots. Stephen turns out to be completely self-taught and never formally learned. She tells him about the knots she’s working on mastering in order to go home and he asks if he’s scared of it. Diana says no and he laughs that lack of ability will never be her problem but desire maybe. If she completes it that means she’ll have to leave. She nods in acknowledgement before they enter Goody’s house. Unsurprisingly the elder witch is waiting for them. As Diana is practicing the knot, Stephen suggests that she’s trying too hard and Goody agrees with him. As the historian is at last able to complete the ninth knot, Matthew watches them from above and smiles.

The moment is altered though when Stephen comments that some witches would kill for that power. This triggers Diana as she remembers how her parents died. Goody encourages her to speak her truth as it holds no purpose in withholding it. She then bids father and daughter good night so that they can have a private conversation. Diana is in tears, admitting to her dad that she’s terrified of changing anything and yet desperate to change everything. Stephen seems to understand and tells her that nothing can keep him and her mother from their fate. They haven’t seen what’s to come but they know their time with her is short. He encourages her to make peace with it because it’s a part of a whole tapestry, like her child to come. Diana laughs saying that she wanted to tell him, but Stephen admits that Rebecca saw it. He congratulates her and says that a child is a precious gift. He then sadly states that it’s time he took a stroll but that she is everything they’ve ever dreamed for her to become. They tearfully hug before Stephen says that he’ll see her later.

A Gathering at Sept-Tour

Agatha, Nathaniel, Sophie Miriam, and baby Margaret arrive at Sept-Tour to be greeted by Ysabeau and Marthe. Marcus and Phoebe are not far behind with the vampire telling his ladylove that it’s not too late to turn back. But she seems determined to stick around and tells him that their relationship is a privilege.

Over dinner, Marcus asks what the covenant actually stands for today, segregation and discrimination? He implores that they need to evolve if they all want to survive. Phoebe speaks up and thinks that the change has already begun with four species all dining together, which according to Marcus doesn’t happen very often. She’s got some spine to voice her opinion as a newcomer to all of this that the only way forward seems to be together.

Later on, Ysabeau finds her at Philippe’s study where the human is awed by the history of the desk and chair. Phoebe apologizes and at first makes the excuse that she got lost but adds that the vampire has a beautiful home and she’s been dying to snoop around. After a few moments of chit chat, Ysabeau outright confronts Ms. Taylor that her grandson has placed a great deal of trust in her by introducing her to their world. Phoebe answers that she knows and she won’t let him down. When the other woman asks if this must be overwhelming, the auction house staffer contemplates that she’s in an ancient chateau full of vampires, witches, and daemons but it’s human capacity to hate and discriminate that scares her more than any of this. Ysabeau seems satisfied with that response.

Marcus comes upon and the elder female requests for a private moment with her grandson. She tells him that he’s made an excellent choice and he agrees. Ysabeau also adds that he’s right to criticize their society’s conservatism. She then talks about how grief can carve into a person’s heart and sits there for a long time, however when focused can be a powerful motivator and when focused sadness becomes resolve. Pain becomes action.

Peter Knox’s Greed

Meanwhile Knox is still focused on finding the missing pages from Ashmole 782. He believes that Diana’s aunts could have the page bequeathed to the witches. Gerbert offers the information that the two women are being given sanctuary at Sept-Tour. The vampire though taunts the other man that the de Cleremonts won’t give them up easily and it would take a powerful witch to remove them. Knox icily states that he is not Gerbert’s hunting dog.

Mmmmm actions say otherwise as Knox does start plotting how he can get into Sept-Tour. He has a bunch of maps laid out in his office when Satu finally makes an appearance after getting her own training. Her former buddy though isn’t that keen to see her and dismisses her offer to help, saying that this is a spellcaster’s job and doesn’t need her pyrotechnics.

Knox’s plan is to head to the Temple of Diana to harness its power. Upon arrival he notices melted wax on the floor and realizes that someone’s been using it, likely one of Diana’s aunts. He then chants a spell luring Emily from her slumber and back to the temple. It works and he sees Emily summon Rebecca. Emily asks for help on how the book is connected to Diana to help her. The spirit says that there will be plenty of dark times ahead, but the book will change everything and once it’s completed it will reveal itself. Just as Emily asks how they can find the other pages Rebecca warns that she’s in danger and that he wants the page. Emily turns around and sees Knox though she luckily is able to magically transport the sheet from Ashmole 782 away. The spellcaster is pissed and demands that she bring it back. Emily refuses and he tries to invade her mind to get information. Still, she holds out and eventually he ends up killing her.

Back inside the house, Sarah has awoken and has asked for Marcus’s help to find Emily. When they can’t find Em, she realizes that her partner had taken supplies and so must be at the temple. In the living room, Marcus asks his grandmother if she feels that and Ysabeau confirms that there’s another presence of a powerful creature nearby. The grandmaster takes off and tells Nathaniel, Sophie, and the other vampire to protect the baby. He runs into Knox in the woods after the other man fled from the temple. The witch puts a spell on Marcus causing him immense pain but the de Cleremont male says that if Knox kills him, he will start a war he cannot win. Reluctantly, Knox puts the other man to sleep and leaves.

Sadly, Sarah finds Emily at the temple arriving too late. It’s an incredibly sad scene to watch.

Matthew and Diana Leave the Past

After saying goodbye to her father, Diana and Matthew make preparations to leave the past and return to their present. She tells him that now she understands how he must feel when he has to leave a life. The vampire admits its bittersweet but finds it best to focus on the sweet part like reuniting with their families. Matthew ever the worrier says that it’s been hell not knowing what their loved ones have been through or what new challenges they’ll face when they get back. Diana is determined more than ever to find the three missing pages before the Congregation does. The witch though is most concerned about Jack who will be taken cared of by the Earl of Northumberland.

Diana however isn’t satisfied with this and so hatches her own plan. She tells Gallowglass that she is meeting her fellow creatures and that Susannah can bring her home. Whom she meets though is Father Hubbard. He tells her that this is an unusual request, but she cuts to the chase and says that she needs his help to watch over Jack as she and Matthew are leaving London. The vampire though says that the young boy is not his child and so Diana strikes a bargain with him. She asks for him to honor her request by her becoming his child. She is willing to give him one drop of her blood and nothing more to seal their arrangement. Hubbard accepts and he offers her a blade. The weaver doesn’t need it and magically cuts herself, allowing exactly one droplet to fall into his mouth so that his scent is not on her. The elder man then sees scenes from Diana’s life in the present including some of her experiences with Matthew. He then bids her farewell by her real name.

She then heads to Goody’s home where the older witch tells her of a tenth knot of creation that only a weaver who straddles between worlds can accomplish. As the other weaver shows her the moves, the smell crumbles at the end noting how she is unable to complete it. Diana thanks Goody for everything she has done for her and promises never to forget the woman. The historian then gives Susannah the small figuring of the goddess and asks her to take care of it as some day in the future as a descendant will give it back to her.

Meanwhile Hubbard runs into Benjamin Fuchs on the street who demands to know about Matthew’s witch. The priest says that she is one of her flock and he cannot share her information, but Benjamin drops a bombshell to audiences as he tells the other vampire that is no way to speak to his sire. Looks like Hubbard might not have a choice in the matter.

That evening Diana agrees that they should time walk this night back to Sept-Tour. She then entrusts Gallowglass with Ashmole 782 and asks him to return it to John Dee so that it can one day find its way back to her. While they hug goodbye, she also asks him to keep the other Matthew safe so that he can one day find her. Next, it’s Matthew’s turn to thank his nephew and bid him adieu. The hardest task though comes next as the duo must say their farewells to their adopted child. Diana gives Jack a new book to replace the other one and Matthew tells him that he’s proud. Francoise then bids the young boy to come along.

Before they leave, Diana thanks Matthew for sharing this world with her and she’s glad she got to know Matthew Roydon. He chuckles that he’s had so many roles in his life but to be a husband and father again is all that he’s ever wanted.

Special Mentions

  • Domenico gets closer to the serial killer at the auction house but is injured (though not permanently). When he arrives back at his hotel, we see a man who looks alarmingly like Kit Marlowe. Uhhh what the HECK!!
  • The killer’s identity still isn’t revealed as he’s still got a hoodie on even when he was slicing and dicing Domenico.

Final Thoughts

  • Susannah never seemed to warm up to Diana despite Goody having full faith in the other weaver.
  • I enjoyed how the show brought parts of book three into this season as it does skip over for some of the first parts of the Book of Life allowing more exploration for other parts of the novel.
  • This season was just as good as the first one and so beautifully done. There was a lot of character development and it was so finally see Gallowglass and Philippe in the flesh.
  • It was so heartwarming that both Diana and Matthew had a chance to see their respective fathers this season. It was an unexpected gif they received by going back to the past.

A Discovery of Witches streams on AMC+, Sundance Now, and Shudder.

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