‘Heroes Reborn’: Wonder Twins Powers Activate!

Heroes Reborn
Season 1, Episode 7: “June 13th, Part One”
Original Air Date: October 29, 2015


This week’s Heroes Reborn was a biggie as we discovered what killed the cheerleader and how it all ties to the world being (possibly) saved. We also saw a few more old characters return and I just really wanted Peter Petrelli to show up as a super secret guest, but I digress.

So Claire Bennet is really truly dead. How did she die if she could regenerate herself you may ask? She had a cardiac arrest while giving birth to twins. I still don’t really understand how that was possible, but Mama Petrelli (now Great Grandma Angela Petrelli) sort of implied that she lost her power because of childbirth. UPDATE: Claire was unable to regenerate since Phoebe’s shadow negated the all other Evo abilities in the area as a part of Erica’s plan to blow up the summit (Thanks to reader Monica Dawson for pointing this out). UPDATE: Tommy had absorbed Claire’s powers and so she was unable to regenerate. Hiro had said that preventing Claire’s death would lead to worse events and so she must remain deceased. Does that mean though that her true purpose this whole time was just to give birth to the saviors? Bummer.

But let’s get back to the twins. At the very end of the episode we found out that HRG names the girl Malina after his mom and Angela names the boy Nathan after Nathan Petrelli (she says Nathan is the son she lost, so that means Peter is alive??). Malina is obviously the young Evo whom we first met in the Arctic Circle and Nathan is actually teleporter Tommy Clark! That’s why Farah had given her young charge a picture of Tommy so when they eventually reunite the Wonder Twins can activate their powers even more and save the world, or something like that.

HEROES REBORN -- "The Needs of Many" Episode 104 -- Pictured: Robbie Kay as Tommy Clark -- (Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)
HEROES REBORN — “The Needs of Many” Episode 104 — Pictured: Robbie Kay as Tommy Clark — (Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)

HRG realizes that he made himself forget about Claire’s kids in order to protect them from Erica. Angela had visions that the kids would one day save the world and somehow the Renautas CEO finds out. Cleverly, Noah recruits Hiro to hide the children in the past so that Renautas would not be able to find them and it would also throw them off the scent (aka they are hunting for babies when the kids are actually teens now). Angela says she’ll go back into the past with Hiro to help look after her great-grandchildren.

They must have separated at some point in the past because neither knew of each other’s existence in the present. It’s all very Luke and Leia (from Star Wars). Twins check, one boy one girl check, powers check, prophecy to save the world check. I suppose that would make Erica the Emperor and Harris is Darth Vader.

At the hospital I almost didn’t recognize the nurse as being present day Tommy’s mom (she had straight hair in the past). There was a little moment between Hiro and Anne Clark, which gives us a clue on how she becomes Tommy’s adoptive mother. In a previous episode as well Anne tells Nathan/Tommy that she was afraid that he would go looking for his father, which would be Hiro? I’m guessing that the time traveler stayed with the Anne and the baby for a few years and left before Tommy could remember him.

Additionally it’s interesting that Primatech had the teleporter at some point when he was a child because past Noah would have met his future grandson without even knowing it. Though it does make me wonder how they weren’t able to link Tommy to Claire genetically since they must have had blood samples from both.

HEROES REBORN -- "The Lion's Den" Episode 105 -- Pictured: Danika Yarosh as Malina -- (Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)
HEROES REBORN — “The Lion’s Den” Episode 105 — Pictured: Danika Yarosh as Malina — (Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)

Meanwhile, how does Angela raise Malina? Did she arrange for the child to grow up with foster parents as well? From the preview clip for episode eight, Malina is shown sitting in a very fancy looking estate. Did great-grandma use her own formidable resources to bring up the child herself in secret since the other Angela Petrelli was out there? Guess we’ll find out in this upcoming episode. Eventually the young girl gets taken to the Arctic Circle with Farah as her guardian to practice her abilities and stay hidden from Renautas. Somehow they managed to survive out there with what looked like very meager supplies.

Final thoughts:

Time was cleverly used in this episode where HRG had to go back to the past to create the present as it is on the show. But still, why did he tell The Haitian to kill him if he ever returned after the memory wipe? Wouldn’t that have prevented future him from returning to the past to enact this whole plan in the first place?

Hiro also doesn’t have the Kensei sword with him since getting out of EverNow, where’d it go? And has anyone noticed how his Japanese accent isn’t quite as strong as it was in the original Heroes? He’s slowly transitioning to the future Hiro who sounds American.

Lastly, who got Claire knocked up???


Heroes Reborn is on NBC, Thursdays 8/7 central.

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  1. Phoebe darkness still doesn’t make sense because as soon as the darkness was gone Claire power should have turned back on and she should have come back to life. It has happened before when there was an eclipse or something blocking her powers.

  2. Hmmm, Aren’t some really big clues mounting up toward making things more and more obvious? The first episode was a clue. They called it “DARK MATTERS”! We know now that the GLOBAL THREAT is a forthcoming MASSIVE SOLAR FLARE! A girl (Phoebe) who can ABSORB LIGHT. Hmm.

    In another episode we are suddenly introduced to an EVO who finds he can ABSORB the POWER of the SUN.
    Was against the EVOS, but now has a conscience to seek some kind of expiation. Hmm.

    The twin children of CLAIRE the Healer. .. One can likely with practice, move MASSES of people and what other manner of substances .. from one PLACE to another .. and his twin sister who has apparent TELEKINETIC POWER to move or repel THINGS. .. Hmmm.

    As for the identity of the NATHAN/ TOMMY’S father, remember that while in THE GAME seeking her “Father”, a would be nemesis revealed that MIKO was not THE daughter of the “TIME MASTER”. So who is? Where HIRO has power to move things through TIME, NATHAN/ TOMMY has power to MOVE things through SPACE! MALINA has the TELEKINETIC power to MOVE THINGS period. What else is their latent skills yet to be discovered?

    Both the “Time Master” HIRO NAKAMURA and “ANGELA” have told us that devastation resultant of a GLOBALLY DAMNING SOLAR FLARE is an inevitable happening. But HIRO seemingly doesn’t want to do too much about it because of “too many butterflies?” What’s up with that? (Maybe fear of HARRIS PRIME multiplying???)
    What’s worse than total annihilation?

    If this world is about to face total obliteration, what difference can it make if Hiro does nothing? Are we to wonder what HIRO has seen? What does he “know” is supposedly the “natural course of things”? What is his purpose since inately HIRO’s very presence and/or “multiple presences” in the “time line” can only in some way create “butterflies”, changing the “course of things”?

    What is that CLOUD OF DARKNESS for that PHOEBE is capable of creating about? Again, what of the hinted at latent or undeveloped HEALING POWERS of MALINA? Didn’t we already see her RESTORING at least a PATCH of land? Is it me, or is this scriptline starting to become at least somewhat predictable? Hmm

    Not a big watcher of television. But what I do well remember is that the FIRST WRITER’S TEAM for SEASON ONE of “HEROES: was EXCELLENT! Great development of the characters and their placement in so many scenarios leading to season one’s finale. The writer’s strike I got to say, KILLED the first HEROES series. But as for what was related in the FIRST SEASON, HEROES ONE .. I would LOVE to see more of THAT again! And to be for real, so would MANY MANY MORE!

    Just a fan putting his two cents in before it all hits the fan. Watching …

  3. “Claire was unable to regenerate since Phoebe’s shadow negated the all other Evo abilities in the area as a part of Erica’s plan to blow up the summit (Thanks to reader Monica Dawson for pointing this out).” Incorrect. Hiro teleported into the hospital room where HRG was saying goodbye to Claire. She was already dead at that point and Hiro was able to use his power. Then, after his conversation with HRG, that when his power failed because Phoebe started her shadow. So Claire was already dead before that….Phoebe couldn’t have been the cause.

  4. Yea the first season was great but Clair was hard headed …. Season to is so predictable obviously Clair found out she was prevnate and had her powers takin to have the kids who would save the world duhh.. She is dead? But now malina is goen to restore the world after the solar thing happens and tommy/ Nathan will teleport everybody into the game world until it’s over and they will fix the world back up she has the power to do it duhh lol just my opinion guys think about it

  5. It’s simple Clair had her powers takin so she can give birth
    The twins grow up
    Tommy takes everyone to evernow game world to protect them
    Once the solar sun burn is over he will take them out
    The malina will restore the earth
    This season was so predicable

  6. They explained Claire’s death in the Part 2 episode by indicating that the male twin was able to absorb/negate other evo’s powers. That is why Hiro is unable to get back to June 13th after he takes the twins back in time.

  7. How Claire is dead, you ask? Tommy has Arthur Petrelli, a.k.a. his great grandfather’s powers and he drained her power from Claire like Arthur did from Adam Monroe/Kensei. He absorbed Hiro’s powers shortly after that, but Hiro from 2015, not Hiro from 2014, which means there’s a Hiro running around with his powers still (despite being trapped in a video game.)

    What I want to know is who’s Malina and Tommy’s father? I’m putting my money on Sylar, but since he hasn’t appeared (probably due to being in six million other things that have been filming,) I also want to know what their explanation is for him just up and disappearing.

    And where is Peter in all of this? We’ve seen Noah, Hiro, Mohinder, Matt, and Angela, but what happened to everyone else? Sylar, Peter, Tracy, and Ando all have disappeared without any explanation. Yes, I get that this is five years in the future, but Evos are disappearing and none of them show up? Did Erica kill them or something? And where’s Hiro’s sister? I mean last we saw her, she and Ando were engaged, but you can’t possibly expect me to believe that the minute her brother disappeared/was claimed dead, she wouldn’t have taken over Yamagato (which is where Miko landed and beat up all those guards.)

  8. Claire couldn’t regenerate because Nathan(Tommy) has the power to steal other people’s powers, though he can only keep one at a time(Sort of a fusion between Arthur’s power and Peter’s synthetic ability). Nathan(Tommy) has been draining Claire’s ability from the womb slowly, and we all know that death by childbirth isn’t abnormal(Especially not for Claire since her immune system is very weak without her ability). Since Nathan(Tommy) can only keep one ability at a time, he lost his regeneration power when Hiro first held Nathan(Tommy) for the first time(Nathan takes powers through physical contact), that’s why Nathan(Tommy) can teleport things. He can also stop time and time travel. (ALL OF THIS HAS BEEN PROVEN)

  9. Since Tommy/Nathan’s power was just like Perter’s power a Petrelli power, wouldn’t that mean Melina’s power would come from the father???? And the only person I remember so far with the power to grow and heal was Linderman. I don’t remember anyone with the rest of her powers. But maybe Linderman has a kid that’s mother was an evo that had those powers that we don’t know of. Just a theory.

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