First Look Exclusive! ‘Dig’ Finale Promises Answers and (Potential) Armageddon

As the secrets go even deeper, the stakes get only higher.

USA’s event series “Dig” is set to launch its explosive finale Thursday night, finally reaching a long-awaited conclusion to the global conspiracy the show has uncovered layer by shocking layer. With Tad Billingham (David Costabile) and his devoted acolytes now in Jerusalem, a kidnapped Lynn (Anne Heche) trying to expose Ambassador Ridell’s (Regina Taylor) treasonous agenda, and the revelation of Emma Wilson’s (Alison Sudol) own corrupt intentions, Peter (Jason Isaacs) now faces a deadlier “Armageddon Protocol” than ever before.

Catch a sneak peek of Peter racing to the bottom of the mystery in this exclusive clip below, and share your predictions on all things “Dig” in our comment section!

Don’t miss the “Dig” series finale Thursday, May 7 at 10/9c on USA.

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Video and images courtesy of USA Network.

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  1. I watched the entire season of “Dig” and I have to say the finale was dull, feeble and such a huge let down. A thrilling season was ruined entirely by the final episode that was simply awful.

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