Doctor Doom Does the Unimaginable in 700th Fantastic Four Issue

Doom picks up the pieces in the mega-sized Fantastic Four #7 this May.

A little while back, we covered the gorgeous Alex Ross variant covers for the latest Fantastic Four arc by Ryan North and Iban Coello. Now we have more news about the upcoming storyline, and the chaos it might hold for the iconic superhero family. As they try and put the pieces together after a traumatic event, none other than legendary villain Doctor Doom steps in to take advantage of the chaos.

Doctor Doom travels across time and space to undo the damage wrought by the Fantastic Four. But knowing Doom, there’s a very good chance he’ll either make things worse, or twist them to his own diabolical ends. Here’s what writer Ryan North has to say about the double-sized 700th issue event:

“I feel privileged to be writing the Fantastic Four at any time, honestly, but getting to have a big milestone issue happen on my watch is certainly lucky – and it’s an opportunity I didn’t want to waste,” North said. “A big anniversary issue like this demands a similarly big story, something meaningful, impactful, and memorable. And given that it’s a supersized issue with more room to play, everything aligned to do a story with the Fantastic Four’s most meaningful, impactful, memorable, and supersized villain: Doctor Doom. Doom demands nothing less than the biggest issue of the year being dedicated to him, and I dare not defy Doom. It’s a big twisty story that brings the Fantastic Four to their new home and views what’s happened to both families over the past year in a new light. The Fantastic Four are down, but not out, and Doom senses an opportunity…”

If you like what you hear, you’ll be happy that Fantastic Four #7 goes on sale May 17th. Be sure and check out the particulars below, and keep reading The Workprint for more exciting comic book news!

Fantastic Four | Doom Issue 700

Written by RYAN NORTH
Cover by ALEX ROSS
On Sale 5/17

Josh Speer
Josh Speer
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