‘Deadly Class’ Review – “Stigmata Martyr”

In this episode of Deadly Class, Marcus and Maria start dating – leading to a slew of complications, Madame Gao starts laying down the law, Billy takes a new approach with Petra, and Chester finally dubs himself Fuckface.

Sneak Peak of the episode


Normally, I go into an extensive review but lately life hasn’t allowed me the time. I will say, this episode is a nice restart back into king’s dominion – especially, after the craziness of the Las Vegas trip. There are ramifications from Chico’s murder – mostly, that the gang is falling apart and struggling to keep it a secret.

Maria and Marcus’ relationship poses a threat as it’ll throw suspicion on Chico. Willie isn’t handling murdering someone well, and Maria is constantly watching over her shoulder out of fear. Master Lin’s storyline moves forward too – his personal life and feelings start to show his vulnerable side, which is bad for the leader of a school for assassins.

Overall, however this episode was okay but mostly filler for me. There’s a little bit of character building, but nothing that you haven’t seen, outside of Gao’s more significant and powerful role in the series. Maria’s storyline definitely was the focus; however, I thought her backstory would’ve been stronger if they showed it before last week’s episode – as it would’ve weighted the stakes of Chico’s life better.

Maria’s portrayal of mental illness also felt more like something out of a lifetime movie than a grounded character. Though I did enjoy the build-up of their little romp outside king’s.

Final Score: 7/10

For Some Behind the Scenes for Episode Six.

‘Deadly Class’ Recap – “Stigmata Martyr”

Maria Falls Apart

It’s been a month since Vegas, and no one’s found Chico’s body. Maria and Marcus have started dating. She’s been depressed since murdering Chico and Marcus doesn’t know how to help her. He feels guilty because she killed Chico to save him, and he doesn’t know how to return the favor – so now, they’re dating. Partially, over mutual feelings of guilt.

Maria is afraid that Chico’s father will discover what they did, as he’s a ruthless and very dangerous Cartel leader It doesn’t help that he also put Maria in charge of figuring out what happened to Chico. The gang decides that in order to avoid suspicion, no one can know Maria and Marcus are dating. Maria’s sudden mood swings struggle to keep it secret. Meanwhile, Saya has been avoiding seeing her best friend in public.

In the boy’s showers, Marcus is approached by Maria. She got him a present for their one-month anniversary. Marcus isn’t sure about protocol as he’s never been in a relationship. He promises to get her one, but isn’t sure when he’s supposed to (One week? One month? Six months?). They kiss and she  pulls away his towel – stating that he can’t hide it (his penis) forever. Obviously, the two haven’t had sex yet. Suddenly, Billy arrives, and he scolds them for being so out in the open.

Rumors have been spreading in the school about Maria. Saya asks if Maria told Gao about killing Chico during an interrogation earlier, she says that she didn’t. Saya gets on her case as Maria seems to be losing it. Maria rubs it in Saya’s face that she’s in relationship with Marcus and that she’s in better place with him and so don’t need to take her pills anymore. Saya tells her to not skip her medicine.  

Maria goes up to the rooftop wanting to dance with Marcus. She kisses him in front of Petra, who later tells Marcus she won’t tell. Saya pulls Maria to the side telling her she’s not being herself. That she’s putting everyone in danger.  Maria gets defensive, saying that Saya is jealous that she’s with Marcus.

Maria leaves and then listens to Marcus’ mixtape in her room. She’s distressed, and so she starts drinking and looks over an old photo album of her family.

We get a flashback of Maria’s origins story. Her father had stolen provisions from a village run by Chico’s father – but only enough to provide for the family. Unhappy with the theft, Chico (as a child) and his father murder her entire family. Ending by crucifying her father on a cross. Chico mentions to his father that Maria can be of use, and so they spare her – recruiting her to work for their family.

The next morning, Maria is approached by one of the Soto Vatos – telling her they need to get revenge on a suspected kid that they think, might’ve been involved in Chico’s disappearance. She mentions that she was put in charge and orders him not to do anything. Moments later, we see Maria breakdown. She starts self-harming, stabbing a pencil into her hand like a nailed crucifixion – reenacting her father’s pain those many years ago.

Saya tells Marcus that he needs to get Maria under control, but he doesn’t know how. Saya reveals that Maria is bipolar. That she stopped medicating and that’s why Marcus needs to do something.

Marcus complains how he always gets into this shit. Saya is upset that he’s making this about him. He calls her out, stating that’s not the real reason why she’s mad. The two share an almost intimate moment… only for an arrow to fling, nearly killing Marcus. Saya catches it but it grazes him in the cheek.

Marcus chases after the assailant. He corners his would be killer, revealing that it’s none other than his girlfriend. Maria says she knew Saya wouldn’t let that arrow hit him, the same way she knew she’d try to steal him away from her.

Marcus is furious Maria tried to kill him. She’s very apologetic and breaks down – saying that she’s just always scared these days. Incredibly vulnerable, she kisses him, and he responds in kind. They proceeded to have sex right outside King’s Dominion.

At combat class the following day, Marcus looks at Saya who is apparently upset. She seemingly knows what happened.

Gao lays down the Law

At the beginning of the episode, Maria gets interrogated by Gao over the death of Chico. She condemns Maria for killing Chico over love, and mentions how love is an exploitive weakness. Maria responds saying Gao knows nothing about love, earning her a slap in the face. Madame Gao then shares a story, with the lesson: telling the truth can save own life. Soon after, Saya is brought in for interrogation as well.

Later, Lin and Gao talk in the hallway – she’s not happy with how undisciplined the students are becoming. To further her point, the two find Billy, second slater, being punished S&M style by Miss De Luca.

At Atypical Combat Skills class, Maria, Brandy and Saya combat ninjas. Master Zane gives Saya an A but scolds Brandy as she assaulted her team mates. He gets on her case over the Dixie Mob’s racist beliefs – mentioning that he’s going to fail her, despite the fact Brandy took down the most Ninjas. However, Madame Gao intervenes and tells Zane to ace Brandy and Fail Saya. Saya does not take this kindly. In response, Gao dislocates Saya’s arm, with Marcus coming over to her to snap it back in place.

Later that day, Master Zhang is scolded for not changing Brandy’s grade. Madame Gao spars with him and brings him to his knees. To make a message over it, she has Brandy carves an A into Master Zane’s forehead. It’s obvious that Madame Gao favors the legacies.

That evening, Lin talks to Madame Gao about their actions. They get in dispute over beliefs, their history, and the future of the school. We reveal that Madame Gao is actually Lin’s sister.

Lin goes home that night, revealing that he has a daughter. He lives in a typical happy suburban home, with the woman he loves who may possibly be his wife (the woman with the tiger tattoo on her back).  It’s a big issue, as we’ve established Madame Gao sees love as a vulnerability, and we’re revealing that Lin seemingly has a very loving family life behind the scenes.

Marcus’ tries to be a Hero… again.

Marcus’s story is heavily tied to Maria’s in this episode. He makes a mixtape for Maria in his room as a makeshift anniversary present, but Shabnam calls him out on it, as he’s making it for a hot girl – given the drawing of unicorns and horses on its cover.

At hand-to-hand combat, Billy mentions Victor’s become a bigger asshole due to Chico being missing. Miss Deluca spars with Victor as per a half-handed comment by Shabnam. She beats Victor easily, commenting that when faced with impossible odds, it’s better to decline than to attempt that which is beyond you.

This leads to Shabnam getting hazed by Victor in the showers. However, Marcus breaks it up by implying Victor is gay, as he always seems to attack boys in the shower (add to the fact that Petra put three fingers in his ass when they hooked up). Shabnam is upset, as he thinks Marcus has made it worse. Victor will go after him harder for the entire year.

Willie gets a job for Marcus at the comic shop. Willie is seen moping around, not doing well over the murder of Chico. He can’t seem to be himself anywhere – which bothers him. A girl hits on Willie, talking up superman, but he rebukes her. Marcus tries to get Willie to snap out of it, as she was being nice to him. Willie apologizes to the girl, to be revealed as Gabrielle. The two share a love for Alan Moore.

Billy Tries a New Approach with Petra

Marcus asks Billy about how he’s feeling. Billy says he’s feeling better because now that his dad’s dead, he and his family are finally free – resolving the issue of his dad’s murder rather easily.

Billy and Marcus talk about girls as Marcus seeks advice about what to do about Maria. Billy mentions the easiest way to win a girl over is to pretend you don’t like her. He tests this theory, by showing an obvious love letter to Miss DeLuca at class, right in front of Petra. Miss De Luca wants to know what Billy expects. He replies with, “maybe, tie me up and call me rude names?” Miss De Luca obliges, which is why she’s caught hogtying him when Lin and Gao arrived.

DEADLY CLASS — “Stigmata Martyr” Episode 105 — Pictured: Liam James as Billy — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

At the graveyard, Saya and Petra discuss the fallacies behind Voltron. Billy asks her if she saw him hogtied by miss De Luca. She did but doesn’t care. He condemns her for being prude. She says he has no idea of the kinds of sexual scenarios she’s thought up of, which totally catches Billy off guard.


Fuck Face savagely murders two innocent civilians. He finally gives himself his signature ‘Fuckface’ name as he plasters it on the wall behind him, trying to record the murders on video, but he forgets the tape.

By the episode’s end, he calls Marcus at school. Marcus is shocked that his interaction with Chester in Vegas wasn’t just a dream. Chester is mad that Marcus took credit for the murders at the boy’s home. He then reveals that Chico’s head is being held by him in an ice bucket. He gives Marcus three days to find him, or else he’ll send Chico’s head to the cartel.

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