‘Dancing With the Stars’ Finale: Bindi is Queen of The Dance (and our Hearts)

Well, kids, here we are again. The ending to another awesome season on everyone’s favorite cheesefest Dancing With the Stars. The finale event was 2, back to back episodes, and in the end, the new winner was given that Mirror Ball Trophy. And I think we all know by now who won, but let’s talk about how we got there.

The night one show opened with singer Meghan Treanor singing her hit “Better When I’m Dancing”, as pro dancers created movement all around her. After that, Tom Bergeron, who looked spiff and handsome in his suit and silky blue tie, introduced the nights festivities along with o-host Erin Andrews. There were two Rounds to compete to get into the Top 3. Round One was Judges Choice, where the judges picked a style of dance  where the couple needed work on, and then helped them to train for it in rehearsals. Round Two was the FREESTYLE, which is everyone’s very favorite dances of the season. Mine too.  Lets get started on the fun …..

Carlos / Witney:

Round One: Foxtrot. Bruno was the judge who helped them during rehearsals. The music was strange and techno style. Julianne thought it was the sexiest foxtrot she had ever seen, while Carrie Ann thought that Carlos had full command of the stage. It was their first time ever receiving perfect scores. 10/10/10.

Round Two: Their freestyle was a hip-hop mixed with Salsa, to the tune of a Missy Elliott song. They used backup dancers of Hayes Grier and Paula Deen, and Alexa, so that Carlos could actually dance with his own wife for a few seconds in a number. Julianne said that using other star dancers in the number had never been done before, and she thought it worked. Bruno yelled “Hip hop Hooray! So tight!” Right, Kind of like his sex romps. Scores were again, 10/10/10.

Alek / Lindsay:

Round One: The Rumba, with help from Carrrie Ann. It was tough for Alek to be romantic and sensual with Lindsay, since he thinks of her like a sister. Anyway, the dance turned out to be really lovely. Scores were 9/9/9/9 Len was at home fixing himself some warm milk.

Round Two: This was such a cool Freestyle dance. I loved it so much. They set it up like an obstacle course , to represent overcoming obstacles. They did tricks on and then climbed a legitimate wall. That was pretty cool. Bruno said “No challenge is too great when you have faith. You translated that into dance perfectly.” Carrie Ann said the dance will stay with people for years to come. Perfect tens. Len fell asleep and snored into his cereal.

Nick / Sharna: 

Round One: They did the Jive, and Julianne helped out with rehearsals. This dance was so much fun. SO fast too. Very impressive speed. Carrie Ann said “Kawabunga!” Which, I’m not sure what that translates into. Julianne yelled “You performed the CRAP out of that!” Bruno yelled “Sex bomb! High octane Jive!” Relax Bruno. Nick plays for the other team. Scores were perfect at 10/10/10.

Round Two: They chose to use one of The Backstreet Boys biggest hits, “Larger Than LIfe.’ It was like a kick-ass music video. Bruno said he felt like a fan at their concert. Scores were 10/10/10.

Bindi / Derek: 

Round One: Quickstep. Derek was sick as a dog, and Bindi was covered in bruises and injured just about everywhere on her body.Loved her shimmery silver dress. Loved this song and this dance. Bruno called her fearless, while Carrie Ann said she is in a class all her own. Scores were 10/10/10.

Round Two: OH. MY. GOD.That is really the only way to describe this perfect, haunting, emotional, gorgeous, incredible Freestyle that Derek choreographed and that Bindi delivered absolute perfection on. The song wa s”Footprints in the Sand”,which Derek told Bindi reminded him of her situation with her dad. They did not use any backup dancers and no fillers of any kind – just raw, stripped down, emotional dance. Derek told her during rehearsals “I’ve done this show so much, I never thought it could feel this new again. Thank you so much.”3 steps into this dance and I was a sobbing mess.It was insanely awesome and beautiful . Carrie Ann called her a real dancer, Julianne said that Bindi has “left an impression on each of our hearts.”, and Bruno said it touched everyone all over Amera. Backstage, Bindi told Erin through tears “This whole experience has changed my life, and it has meant the world.” Everyone in America was crying,  Not only was the dance emotional beyond words , but Derek made it even more so by having a giant picture of Bindi and her dad come on the screen behind them a the end of the dance Scores were 10/10/10.


This brings us into night two, which was filled with awesome performances, dancers coming back to rejoin the cast, and of course, crowning the winner. The show opened with Bergeron inside the theatre, and Erin Andrews outside, as the two went back and forth to one another tag-teaming on everything that was going on. Erin introduced some great outdoor performances, including Chaka Khan singing her hit “I’m Every Woman” while pro dancers danced. There was also a funny moment where Erin embarrassed Tom by introducing a montage of him singing and dancing badly, edited together brilliantly to the tune of “Safety Dance.” Paula and Louis revised their Gilligan routine, which felt like a”3hour dance” – just like in the song. Carlos and the male dancers stripped their shirts off and performed . Andy Grammar performed his own hit, while Gary Busey and Anna Trabunskiyah did “Dancin’ In the Streets”. Nothing has changed – he is still a trainwreck of epic proportions on the dance floor, and entertaining as hell every time he speaks. There was even a Holiday Message on recording, from Len Goodman, which basically said he will be back next season and that he can’t wait.

Finally, each of the remaining pairs danced one last time for judges votes only, and then they announced the winner. Well, first, they announced 3rd place, which was Carlos and Witney. That left Bindi / Derek against Nick / Sharna, and the WINNER was ……………..

BINDI AND DEREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly, Bindi Irwin has made this show so much fun again,and given it new life. She is so fun, and honest, and so very talented. And I love all the ways in which she has honored her dad this season, both in dance and how she lives her life. I know she belongs to Australia, but Bindi has to know that America is so very in love with her. I’m going to miss seeing her smile every week on the show.

Until next season, which is  in MARCH (Really? I told you, this show never goes away!!!), I say goodbye to my buddy Bergeron and company, and here is hoping that next season is the one where he finally puts me on the air to talk with him and to banter. Hey, if Vine sensation Hayes Grier qualifies to be on the show, then so do I. I’ve #mcfallen for Tom Bergeron , and his wit and charm are calling my name. See you in March.

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