Call Her King Comes to BET+ July 6

A judge must rely on her strength and skills to outwit a group of hijackers.

A judge finds herself in the middle of mayhem when the courthouse is hijacked by the brother of a man she has just sentenced to death. Starring Naturi Naughton (Power Book II: Ghost) and Lance Gross (House of Payne) Call Her King premieres on BET+ this coming July 6.

Naughton plays titular character Jaeda King, a judge who has ruled that Sean Samuels face the death penalty. However things take an unexpected turn when Samuels’ brother Gabriel (Gross) arrives and takes over, demanding that as long as he gets what he wants nobody gets hurt. With the clock ticking, King must rely on her strength, skill, and wit to outmaneuver the hijackers and protect the hostages at all costs.

Source: BET+

Packed with plenty of action and suspense, the thriller also stars Jason Mitchell (Mudbound), Johnny Messner (A Day to Die), Nicholas Turturro (NYPD Blue), Tobias Truvillion (First Wives Club), Garrett Hendricks (FBI) and Shiobann Amisial (Bel-Air).

Written and directed by Wes Miller, Call Her King is the first production under BLacklight Entertainment.


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