Burkely Duffield, Dilan Gwyn, and Eden Brolin On a Much Darker ‘Beyond’ Season 2

Freeform’s Beyond makes its return on January 18 with a special two-hour premiere beginning at 8 pm. At the end of season one, Holden and Willa survived their last visit to the Realm but the destruction of the bridge has some serious consequences that the characters must now face in the real world.

The Workprint sat with Burkely Duffield, Dilan Gwyn, and Eden Brolin at last year’s New York Comic-Con to chat about a much darker season two, their characters, and the love triangle that’s surely going to be an interesting journey for all three.

Watch the full interview:

We also spoke to show producers Tim Kring (Heroes), David Eick (Battlestar Galactica) and creator Adam Nussdorf on what challenges the main characters will face now that the Realm is crossing into their world.

In the first season of Beyond, we were introduced to Holden Matthews, who woke up from a coma after being unconscious for 12 years. He struggled to integrate himself back into society as he still had the mentality of a teenager but was physically an adult. To make things even more complicated, Holden discovered that he had gained physical and mental supernatural abilities, making him a target of the mysterious group Hollow Sky.

The series also stars Jonathan Whitesell, Romy Rosemont, Michael McGrady, and Jeff Pierre.

With season two only a few days away, here’s a sneak peak from Freeform to tide us over until then!


Catch Beyond on Freeform Thursdays at 8/7c pm.

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