‘Avengers: Endgame’ Podcast Review

In this special episode over at ‘The Workprint’ podcast, available on iTunes and Google Play, Bilal, Jen, and Christian review ‘Avengers: Endgame’ – the conclusion to Marvel’s Infinity Saga encompassing 22 Marvel franchise movies and over a decade’s worth of storytelling.

Overall, it’s hard not to enjoy the finale to this series. Especially, because at this rate, it’s going to enter the history books as one of the greatest cinematic accomplishments of all-time. The characters are beloved. The story grand. It’s nothing shy of an epic journey told over the course of a decade. A fantastic film experience, which is something that all three of us, mostly agreed upon.

Still, we found some issues with the movie. You can listen to the podcast to hear what we found somewhat troublesome (though I’d personally still rate it a 9.3/10).

Warning: There Will Be Spoilers In This Podcast

We here at The Workprint had much to say about Endgame and we hope you enjoy this podcast, as well as our various other coverages of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s epic finale. Which as we speak is on the verge of becoming the highest grossing film of all-time.

  • For a spoiler-free review, you can also click here to read Matt DeGroot’s article on Avengers: Endgame.
  • You can also read Matt Perri’s coverage and recaps of everything Marvel has released to build-up to this special conclusion, in his special feature: The Road to Avenger’s Endgame.

Excelsior, Readers and Listeners!


You can watch Avengers: Endgame in theatres right now

Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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